Possible vandalism at PWU Headquarters

The Public Workers Union (PWU) has been forced to beef up security at their headquarters on Port Highway, St. George following what is believed to be an act of vandalism.

PWU headquarters on Port Highway, St. George

Sources told THE NEW TODAY that Executive members of PWU were called to the compound on Saturday afternoon to assess the apparent damages noticed in and around the building.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the union, Brian Grimes, spoke to this newspaper via telephone on what he observed on arrival.

“What was observed upon entering the compound was the fact that the signs we have in the car park, it was uprooted and thrown aside. That was the first indicator that there was possible vandalism. Upon entering the building, it was flooded out. We looked for the source of the flood and it came from the female washroom. The female washroom area indicated to us that the toilet was tampered with or at least the flex line behind the toilet was unhinged. We brought a plumber to the scene to examine and his expertise led us to understand that this was not natural attrition but someone tampered and removed the flex line which was the genesis of the flooding,” he said.

Grimes disclosed that there was also some electrical damage to the building.

He said: “Some equipment was damage – there were also some electrical damages. The breaker had to be taken off and GRENLEC and electricians had to come on the scene to inspect to ensure everything was okay and coordinate with GRENLEC to bring power back to the building”.

According to Grimes, the PWU is not left with no choice but to take action to ensure that there is no re-occurrence of the incident.

“In all of this, we’re going to try and extract the positives from the negatives here. So, in other words, before we thought that we had ample security at the PWU headquarters, obviously it’s not up to optimum level, so we’re going to take some remedial measures to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again”, he said.

The PWU executive member disclosed that the police are currently looking into the apparent act of vandalism matter and “hopefully they can find the culprit and we can go forward and ensure an incident like this is not repeated.”

The incident has happened against the backdrop of tension between the union and Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell on recent remarks he made against Health Workers at the St. George’s General Hospital labelling them as thieves, as well as being incompetent.

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