EC$900, 000 Drug Bust on West Coast

Police have conducted another successful operation in which three men, including a Vincentian national were arrested in connection with the discovery of close to EC$1m worth of marijuana on the high seas, approximately 1 mile off the northern coast of Gouyave, St John.

Ronald Charles – the Vincentian national who was suspected of bringing the drugs in the country

Those taken into custody are Requin, St. David residents Lynton Murray, who is described as a 39-year-old Fisherman, along with 35-year-old Farmer, Anthony Jones and Vincentian Labourer, Ronald Charles, 38.

The drug suspects were nabbed at sea in the early morning hours of last week Thursday (October 4) during a marine operation by officers attached to the Drug Squad and the Coast Guard.

The Police Officers confiscated 425 pounds of marijuana, valued at EC$962, 200, along with the fishing vessel that was being used in the attempt to bring in the illegal substance into Grenada.

The lawmen believe that the drugs were being shipped into the country from neighbouring St. Vincent which is known for the growing of high-grade ganja.

The three arrested men who have been jointly slapped with indictable charges of Possession of a Controlled Drug, Trafficking in a Controlled Drug and Conspiracy to Import a Controlled Drug, made their first appearance Tuesday, before Magistrate Teddy St. Louis at the Gouyave Magistrate’s Court.

Lynton Murray – nabbed on the high seas with the ganja

Attorney-at-Law Jerry Edwin who was retained by the suspects to represent them in court requested a short adjournment in the matter instead of applying for bail for his clients pending the outcome of discussions with the Police Prosecution, which is being led by Inspector Glen Charles.

The lawyer who is hoping for a quick disposal of the matter, gave THE NEW TODAY newspaper some insight into why he took this course of action.

Noting that his clients, who are first time offenders, “one of them is a father of four, another is the father of three (and) the young man from St. Vincent has 6 children,” the attorney cited, what he described as the “greater problem brewing in society, where many, especially the nation’s youth, engage in illegal activities just to get by.

Anthony Jones – implicated in the 400 lbs of ganja case

“The increased trafficking of marijuana that we are seeing between our islands, reflect a reality (that) citizens with no record of trafficking in marijuana are seeing themselves with no option but to revert to illegal conduct to feed their families”, he said.

According to Attorney Edwin, his clients have admitted to the crimes for which they have been charged.

“I don’t think it’s in their interest or in the state’s interest to prolong this into a trial in which the resources of the state would be badly spent, so we are in discussions now with the Prosecutors to see what we can do to reduce the cost of judicial time and to arrive at an agreement for justice that is proper under the circumstances…that’s why I did not apply for bail,” Attorney Edwin said.

The matter is scheduled to come up again before Magistrate St. Louis at the Gouyave Magistrate’s Court on October 23.

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