Walk Against Cancer

As cancer continues its seemingly relentless march as one of the leading causes of fatalities around the globe, Grenada is no exception.

There is always a need for increased urgency and determination which are required for the ongoing challenge of raising funds for both awareness and medical intervention to fight this killer, which is no respecter of gender, age or lifestyle.

Cancer knows no bounds and does not allow for any respite in the battle against it.

With this at the forefront of their minds the CIBC FirstCaribbean team spends not just a month or two, but the entire year fundraising and culminating in their final push during the annual Walk For The Cure.

The management and staff have collectively been engaged in numerous fundraising activities in an effort to realise even more funds for the initiative, in advance of the sea of T-shirts and numerous participants who will walk with them through the parish of St. George, in a show of support.

Grenada’s efforts throughout 2018 have included two jumble sales, where staff contributed clothes, shoes, trinkets etc. and set up at 5.30am in the town of St. George & Grenville to get the fundraising underway. Along with cupcake and fruit bowl sales, a weekly ‘pay to wear your jeans to work day’, a take-away tea and even a bow tie and lipstick Friday!

The combination of these activities and the sponsorship donations of the corporate community have already raised approximately $39,500, just short of 2017’s final total of $41,000.
With such encouraging numbers, Grenada looks forward to exceeding last year’s performance by the close of the 2018 Walk for the Cure.

The bank’s Country Manager, Nigel Ollivierre, said, “it is extremely heartening and encouraging to see how members of staff, at all levels, have really embraced this initiative and become fully immersed in not only offering ideas for fundraising but doing what is necessary to support one another to ensure that these ideas have been translated into successful actions”.

He added: “Many of us have been touched in one way or another by this terrible disease and this is our opportunity to demonstrate our awareness, solidarity and offer some financial support to sufferers and care givers alike.

He went on: “We must also extend our deepest gratitude to our dear corporate sponsors who continue to partner with us for a successful event each year.”

CIBC FirstCaribbean 2018 Walk for the Cure is to take place on October 13 at 5.00 p.m. departing from the Morne Rouge playing field.

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