Byron Bernard faces additional charge of Escaping Lawful Custody

Sendall Street, Grenville, St. Andrew resident, Byron Nicholas Bernard, who was recaptured by lawmen on September 13, after his latest three-day escape stint, was taken to the Grenville Magistrate’s Court last week Friday to face an additional charge of Escaping Lawful Custody.

Police Officers escorting Byron Nicholas Bernard to the Grenville Magistrate’s Court last week Friday

The repeat offender, who appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Nevlyn John, is also facing a previous Escaping Lawful Custody charge, as well as charges of House Breaking and Stealing and Indictable Arson charges.

The accused was scheduled to appear in court on the charges on September 10 but managed to escape custody from the lawmen for a second time.

Police caught up with Bernard three days later at an abandoned house in the Dunfermline, St. Andrew area and he was returned to prison.

The St. Andrew man had found himself in trouble again with the law approximately 2 months after being released from prison in April after serving a 6-month prison sentence for House-breaking and Stealing.

Bernard was detained in June for questioning in connection with the burning of a two-storey house and setting fire to a white van in the Telescope area.

The alleged incident related to the May 20 shooting death of Cainisaac Edwards, referred to in some quarters as “The Don” in Telescope.

Bernard escaped police custody within days and remained on the run for approximately 2 weeks before police caught up with him.

He was recaptured on July 2 hiding in some bushes in Telescope and slapped with charges of Escaping Lawful Custody and Arson.

The repeat offender also has a number of convictions of a similar nature recorded against him including one for Manslaughter, which dates back to 2013, for which he received a sentence of 4 years in prison.

Bernard is back in court on October 3 when the Preliminary Inquiry into some of the charges slapped on him is due to start before a Magistrate.

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