People’s Victory Over Silver Sands

Hotel Developer Forced To Demolish Illegal Walls on Grand Anse Beach

It’s being hailed as a People’s Victory.

Workers were caught in action tearing down the controversial walls on the popular Grand Anse beach

After weeks of outcry on Local radio stations and on Social Media platforms, the developers of the Silver Sands Resort have finally bowed to public pressure and demolished the wall that was being built on Grand Anse Beach.

At around 2.00 p.m. Tuesday, construction workers at the hotel were seen manually removing the walls on the beach.

The wall has become a very controversial issue in the country and a petition was mounted by Executive member of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Randal Robinson against its continued construction.

The petition which reportedly attracted over 600 signatures on Grand Anse Beach on Sunday gave the hotel developers until Saturday to demolish the wall on the beach and that failure would result in citizens demolishing it themselves.

The Physical Planning Unit (PPU) within the Ministry of Finance, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell had been very tight-lipped about whether permission was granted for the erection of the wall on the beachfront.

Robinson immediately took to Facebook on Tuesday saying that the dismantling of the wall came about due to “the power of the people”.

He said, “Hats off to everybody who is responsible for taking down this wall and to those of you who are viewing…we feel really good.

This is about people power. Brothers and sisters, this is about you and you saying this thing can’t remain here and it has to go. Thank you very much for your advocacy, thank you very much for everything that you have done for Grenada this time folks…amen, amen, amen”.

The promoters of the petition did not get any support from President of the Senate, Chester Humphrey who has shifted his support from Congress party to the ruling New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Mitchell.

Humphrey said that any petition he would sign is to break down the structure on Grand Anse beach involving former Miss World 1970, Jennifer Hosten and not the Silver Sands.

“I will sign a petition to break down the Palace Hotel and Jenny’s Place whose owner seized more than half the beach. Go to the Northern section of the Grand Anse and see for yourselves. The wall you want to break down is but an inch to the massive wall built on over half the beach by the Palace Hotel and former Ms. World Jenny’s Place. The initiating petitioners are anti-government activists with a political motive mainly made up almost exclusively of NDC operatives.

“The concrete steps you see in Randal’s video is placed over the swamp which has been reconstructed to filter the run -off water from the Cafebeau Hill which brings down plastic and other garbage onto the beach. That swamp was killed by a garage to the back of it that drained old oil and other harmful effluent which later seeped into the beach. This hotel is providing hundreds of needed jobs both in construction and permanent. It’s all an opposition NDC campaign against the Government playing on the sensitivities of the Grenadian people about beach rights.

It’s the second structure that the Silver Sands developers have been forced to dismantle in recent weeks.

After an expose from THE NEW TODAY newspaper, the developers removed some propane gas tanks which were installed near to a pre- school and a day care for toddlers that could have posed a serious health risk.

The Silver Sands hotel has been dogged by controversy since the start of its construction with a number of persons expressing concerns over its potential environmental impact on the area especially marine life.

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