Gov’t and GRENLEC urged to collaborate on promoting Solar Energy

Executive Director of the New Life Organisation (NEWLO), Sister Margaret Yamoah has made a plea for the Keith Mitchell-led ruling New National Party (NNP) government and GRENLEC to put aside their differences and work together to promote the use of solar energy on the island.

The Catholic Nun made the appeal last week Thursday at the official launch of the installation of a Solar Energy and Irrigation System Project at the Palmiste-based NEWLO.

Executive Director at NEWLO, Sister Margaret Yamoah

Recognising the importance of renewable to everyday living and the benefits it can bring to the island, Sr. Yamoah said this collaborative effort is needed on the part of government and Grenlec, in which U.S-based WRB Enterprise is the majority shareholder.

“Government has a responsibility to take care of its people and GRENLEC has the same responsibility to the people of Grenada, to their customers, not just as customers but as people. I know there is a lot going on with government and GRENLEC but that’s not why I am here, I am only here to make an appeal that as it relates to the progress in solar energy in Grenada, whatever Government and GRENLEC need to do to ensure that we the people are able to access cheaper and lower energy, cleaner energy in Grenada, I am making an appeal that that is done,” she added.

The female religious figure suggested that putting in proper legislation would allow citizens to make use of the energy that is being produced every day by Grenlec and private concerns.
Sister Margaret said: “Now it is no longer about who makes profit and who does not make profit, it is about our life because the effects of some of the energy sources that we are using on the environment is something that transcends profit, it is something that transcends who has more power, or who has less power, it is something that would call all of us to the table.

“…So, I am looking forward to the day when those policies are put in place which would allow us to use the energy that we produce here and only to send the remaining to GRENLEC and that has a two way benefit for us and for GRENLEC also because it is going to reduce the amount of power that goes through GRENLEC grid and that of course curtails the wear and tear when you have so much going on their grid and of course it will also enable us to use as much as we can use for its effective use, so even if you are not making any profit from it we know that we have a zero bill to pay”.

Prime Minister Mitchell has been at loggerheads with WRB Enterprise ever since it bought the majority shares from the once state-owned Grenlec during the 1990-95 rule of Congress under then late Prime Minister, Sir Nicholas Brathwaite.

The Grenadian leader has often threatened to put back Grenlec into the hands of government.

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