Supt Joseph takes Jerry Seales to Court for $10,000

Retired Magistrate Jerry Seales is being pursued in the local high court for over $10, 000.00 owed to former Superintendent of Police, Anthony Joseph, considered in his days as one of the island’s premier crime fighter as a member of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

Retired Supt of Police Anthony Joseph – was forced to resort to court action to try and recover monies owed to him

THE NEW TODAY has obtained legal papers filed against Seales in the Supreme Court Registry last Friday by Ciboney Chambers on behalf of Joseph.

A source at the law firm told this newspaper that a Bailiff has been hired to try and serve the legal papers on Seales on Monday but the former Magistrate is known to be hard to find.

As a public service, THE NEW TODAY reproduces the Statement of Claim by Supt. Joseph against Seales which is now lodged at the Supreme Court Registry:

The Claimant is a retired Superintendent of Police who resides at Tanteen in the city of St. George’s and State of Grenada. He is engaged in private investigations, trading under the name “AJ Private Investigation Agency”.

The Defendant is a former Magistrate who resides at Point Salines in the parish of St. George. He resigned from the Magistracy in or about April 2018.

By way of oral contract, in or about January 2018, the Claimant, at the Defendant’s request, agreed to provide certain private investigation services to the Defendant, at the end of which he would be paid for the same.

Under the terms of the said contract, the Claimant was required to conduct background checks regarding three (3) individuals, employed at a certain business entity operating in Grand Anse, St George’s. Upon presentation of his invoice, he was to be paid by the Defendant for his services.

On three (3) prior occasions between 2017 and 2018, the Claimant had provided similar investigative services, on similar terms, to the Defendant. The Defendant paid for those services.
Pursuant to the terms of the oral contract, the Claimant did the requisite security vetting, including carrying out interviews and conducting surveillance, following which three (3) separate reports (on the 3 individuals) dated March 10th, 2018, were submitted to the Defendant.

The Claimant also submitted, on the same day he delivered the aforementioned reports, his invoice, also dated March 10th, 2018, for his professional services rendered pursuant to the Defendant’s request. His invoice totaled $10,950.00.

Despite repeated oral demands by the Claimant, the Defendant has failed to satisfy the aforementioned invoice or any part thereof. In fact, the Defendant has deliberately ignored the Claimant.

By letter dated July 6th, 2018, the Claimant, through his Attorneys, issued a final demand to the Defendant to pay the outstanding sum of $10,950.00 owing, in addition to then accumulated legal costs of $300.00, totaling $11,250.00.

The Defendant was given until Monday, July 16th, 2018, to pay the outstanding sums, failing which he was advised that the Claimant would pursue legal action.

Jerry Seales – considered as one of the most controversial Magistrates to sit on the local bench

The aforementioned letter was delivered personally by bailiff to the Defendant on 10th day of July 2018.

Notwithstanding the above, to date, the Defendant has failed to pay the aforementioned sum of $11,250.00 or any part thereof to the Claimant.

Further, he has neglected/refused to contact the Claimant’s Attorneys by the deadline date or anytime thereafter to make any arrangements for so doing, one of the options submitted in the aforementioned letter.

In the premises, the Claimant has suffered and continues to suffer loss and damage.

Special Damages

(i) Cost of July 6th, 2018 demand letter (inclusive of bailiff fees) $300.00

And the Claimant Claims

(a). Monies due and owing in the sum of $10,950.00 pursuant to the breach of an oral contract made in January 2018 with respect to the provision of private investigation services by the Claimant.

(b). Special Damages in the sum of $300.00.

(c). Interest on the aforementioned sums at the rate of 6% per annum up to the date of judgment and a further 6% per annum thereafter until all sums are satisfied.

(d). Costs.

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