Physical Planning and Silver Sands agent discuss public concerns

Officials from the Physical Planning Unit (PPU) within the Ministry of Finance met last week with officials from Joyau Des Caraibes Ltd., agent for the Silver Sands hotel to discuss issues surrounding the construction of what appears to be a drain on the Grand Anse Beach as part of the development.

Press Secretary Philomena Robinson – confirmed meetings between Physical Planning and Silver Sands agents

Press Secretary Philomena Robinson who confirmed the meeting via a telephone interview with THE NEW TODAY on Monday said that she was not in a position to say on exactly which day the meeting was held.

According to Robinson, a second meeting was to be held sometime “this week” between both parties to discuss the concerns raised by citizens, who took to local radio stations and social media to raise concerns about the development on Grand Anse beach.

The frequent complaint is that the developers were “encroaching on their patrimony” and that there can be many environmental consequences as a result of what is being constructed on the beachfront.

The Press Secretary indicated that once the second meeting takes place between PPU and the Silver Sands agent government will then be in a position to “say what the status is”.

The meetings follow a site visit by officials from Physical Planning on August 30 after concerns being raised by members of the public went viral.

In response to questions posed by the media during last week Tuesday’s post-Cabinet Press briefing at the Ministerial Complex on the concrete structure that Silver Sands was erecting on the beachfront, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell said he is awaiting official word from both PPU and the developers before an official statement can be made by government.

“I have not had any formal (word) because my Physical Planning Unit…I have not had the chance to question them but they were down there at the site…I don’t know the details. I have had some information based on sources I have spoken to but no official word,” he said.

“So, I wait to hear from them first and then government will officially make a statement in this regard,” he added, while stressing that he did not have much detail at the moment as it relates to the concrete structure being erected.

“I know that the investors would not want to do anything that would of course create problems for the society, themselves and the people,” he said.

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