Steele’s launches Toyota Rush on the market

Steele’s Auto has responded to the demands of its customers who have been clamouring for a 4×2 SUV with the launch on the local market of a seven-seater Toyota Rush.

The official launch of the fully equipped vehicle was held last Friday on the compound of Steele’s Auto at Mt. Gay, St. George.

A look at the two vehicles as they were launched last week

Sales Manager of Steele’s Auto, Nigel Hypolite said the vehicle is “fun and practical to drive.”

According to Hypolite, over the years, Toyota has realised that it has lost the SUV market especially in the midsize and in the small segment SUVs to the other brands in the Caribbean area.

He said: “A lot of research has been put into the Rush in terms of affordability, it terms of size and especially in the Grenada market with people knocking on the door for that 4×2 and not necessarily that 4×4 in which most people would have had 4x4s over the years.

“If you do a survey, you would realise, in a four to five-year period, that 4×4 was never ever engaged, so after doing that study, they realised that the 4×2 is necessary on the market”, he added.

The Sales Manager stated that the Rush comes equipped with a number of interesting features like LED headlamps with auto lights control and fog lamps.

“It also hails with a VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) system, it helps with maintaining the vehicle balance and preventing wheel slip in case of urgent steering, TRC (Traction Control) system, ensure proper contract of tyres on slippery surfaces…”, he said.

Hypolite also pointed to the Emergency Signal System (ESS) to detect objects in the road while driving.

“… Any objects in the road, you will have an alarm sound within the vehicle, an aluminum light will indicate that on the dash board that you are close to an object. It also hails with the ABS (Anti lock Breaking System) and let me tell you Toyota is big on safety.

“…It’s the first in its class with six airbags, one for the driver, one for the passenger and also side curtain airbag for the passengers at the back.

Hypolite also said that the vehicle comes with sufficient storage.

“Three rows of seat…the second row and the third row, those double folding seats give ample storage space in terms of whatever they would like to carry in the vehicle and give you a variety of loading options”, he said.

“This vehicle is equipped on all three rows of seats, charging ports for phone and lots of other devices. This vehicle come equipped with 13 bottle holders from front to back”, he added.
One of the Rush vehicles on display retails for $104, 000.00 and the other for $98, 000.00.

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