Bowling man writes letter behind prison walls in New York

Grenadian-born Kert Skeete who is serving a one to three year jail sentence in New York for theft of $US 50, 000.00 from a former employer has sent out his first letter to the public since his incarceration about a month ago.

Skeete is the Chief Executive Officer of Lavo Lanes, the island’s only full-fledged bowling entertainment business that is situated at Calliste in St. George’s.

The imprisoned businessman did not address the issue of the theft for which he was convicted of but acknowledged those on social media who did not express negative opinions about him.

Following is the full text of the letter:

One of my most favourite tracks ever written was, “One Mic” by Nas. A track that speaks facts of life and the bad minded people within it.

Far away from a place I call home, I sit and think about all the gossip and news being said about someone everyone called a humble dude, friend, or brother. It’s crazy to think that all those names have faded away as I am now being called a criminal, liar or thief without anyone taking the time to understand the story behind all of this.

To be clear, I am not writing to clear my name or explain anything to anyone. My obligation to explain remains in the hands of my family and close friends. Over the last week, my name was all over social media and the local news as everyone put their input on what happened.

Hearing these stories only begs to ask the following questions:

(1). Where was the news and gossip when my family and I packed up and left the comfort of our home in New York to invest everything to begin a business to not only employ 40 plus staff with total salaries of over $500K last year, but also commuting to support the local market by purchasing 100% of all goods sold from local vendors?

2). Where was the news and gossip when I was going through my issues and I turned my back to return to join my team to be the first to prepare for the Hurricane Relief for Dominica? From working in every single aspect to ensure it was done correctly, from staying in the music studio with our local artists, to planning a concert.

(3). Where are you when we volunteer to open our doors early to ensure every school can afford to bring the kids to enjoy a day out without forcing parents’ pockets? Not only to not make a profit, but physically working every single outing to ensure a good time for every single kid.

I can sit here and write for hours, but what I do from my heart don’t always need to be exposed. I can sit here and ask the same question “where were you?”, but the fact will remain the same: the negative things on this island will always prevail.

After reading some of these comments on social media, I realise not everyone is feeding into the nonsense. Those are the ones who know me because they see me as the humble little black boy who is often seen in the local rum shops or on a cruise doing what a normal 30-year old man does and still have a head on his shoulders.

To the media, just note that this will not misguide me. I will continue to be who I am and what I am doing. Rest assure Lavo is not going anywhere as my personal issues has nothing to do with this.

Also to the media, I will like to say thank you for the free publicity. Lavo really needed this as it was not part of this year’s budget. Don’t worry, I will keep you guys in mind when we need some more air time.

To the people who know better, thanks for the support. As Grenadians, let’s continue to support each other and lend open arms to those who choose to stay or return to help this lovely island move forward. This is an example of the devil’s work. Just know that you are the only one that can make them win.

Love you guys, see you soon.

Kert Skeete
CEO Lavo, Inc.

PS : My favorite quote … “Tell them I said it”….

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