Police Welfare Association gives to successful CPEA students

Over $20,000 have been spent by the Welfare Association of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) to assist children of some of the rank and file members, who were successful in the 2018 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA).

ACP Francois hands over envelope to recipient

An official ceremony held at the Red Cross Building last Friday saw scores of recipients receiving a back pack, 10 notebooks, two pairs of socks, two vests, a belt and a voucher for one pair of uniform (trouser or skirt and a shirt), redeemable only at Grenada Teacher’s School Supplies.

In addressing the gathering, Chairman of the Welfare Association, Inspector Simon Douglas informed the recipients that what they received was paid for by their parents through the work they offer as members of RGPF and encouraged them to make the best use of their secondary years.

“I want to take this moment to admonish you that secondary school is not a destination, when you get to secondary school you have not arrived. In fact, secondary school is just a journey or part of the journey for a greater destination but then in order to arrive at that destination it requires quite a few things,” he said.

Insp Douglas cited responsibility and discipline as two of the focus areas that should be considered by the recipients throughout secondary school.

He said: “You have to take responsibility for the company you keep and as children it’s very easy to get influenced by what is popular and who is popular. I warn you not to follow what and who is popular but make an effort to lead and if for some reason you’re not able to lead all the time and you’re going to follow, follow what is good for you.

“Do not follow what is popular but follow what is good for you. The decisions you make are also very important because those decisions will determine where you go and how fast you get there. So, it’s important that you calculate those decisions…think about the choices you have and make a firm decision.

“Discipline – it’s absolutely important that you obey your parents, your guardians, your teachers – that will determine whether you stay on the right track or not.
Insp Douglas urged the students to put time and effort into their studies to become successful in the long run.

Children and their parents at handing over ceremony

“You must dedicate time to your studies if you are to succeed. There are some persons who make it bearing on their raw talent and that person might succeed to a certain point if they depend on that talent.

So, your aim is to become a doctor and you depend on your talent and you become a nurse or a medic because you did not put in enough effort to ensure that you achieve exactly what you wanted to or you may become a doctor but if you put in enough work, dedicate enough time, then you may become one of the most important specialists you can find,” he said.

He continued: “Ignore things that will distract you from what is important – social media and gadgets – most of the times those are the things that will distract you. Gadgets and social media have their advantages but in most cases we use them for the wrong purpose – use the social media and gadgets for the things that will benefit you.”

Representing Acting Commissioner of Police, Edvin Martin at the ceremony was Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Michael Francois who commended the Welfare Association for its contined support in providing assistance to the children of fellow police officers.

ACP Francois said: “The administration of the RGPF has always encouraged and supported this initiative because we are certain that this assistance can go a long way to support our police officers in the education and support of their children. I want to commend the Police Welfare Association for continuously conducting this exercise over the past years. This is truly a demonstration of support to police welfare.

“I want to officially congratulate all of you successful students in the CPEA examination and to remind you that this is not the end of the road but only a next stage in your journey – the work has just started. I want to encourage you to take your work seriously and study hard. In this modern society there are so many distractions that if you are not properly focused, it can result in failure,” he told the recipients.

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