Nine new students receive assistance from Flow

Since 1991, the telecommunications company Flow has been extending their hands to assist needy students who were successful in the Common Entrance Exam, now called Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA).

New and current scholarship recipients

This year, nine new CPEA success students have been added to the Flow family as the telecommunications provider continues to assist students through their years of secondary education.

An official ceremony under the theme, “Challenging your best self…Maximising your true potential” was held at the Grenada Trade Centre Annex last Wednesday that attracted Governor General, Dame Cecile La Grenade, Minister of Youth, Senator Norland Cox, as well as officials of the Ministry of Education and parents and students.

Country Manager of Flow, James Pitt described the initiative as the most impactful for the company in its years of operation in Grenada.

“We are extremely proud to continue supporting our next generation to become meaningful contributors to our society. Over the last 28 years we have invested in the lives of over 400 Grenadian families and this is an investment in the lives of young men and women”, he said.

“I’m especially proud to welcome the new recipients…your efforts coupled with the right attitude have allowed you to be a recipient today and in the spirit of the team for this year’s ceremony…I encourage you to challenge yourself and make the best use of this opportunity. I encourage you to maintain a positive attitude, not only to your learning but to the many challenges that you would face,” he added.

Curriculum Development Officer in the Ministry of Education Human Resource Development and Religious Affairs, Dianne Thomas delivered some words of encouragement to the recipients and reminded them that their journey has only just begun.

“Your presence here is indicative of your accomplishment thus far. We are constantly bombarded of news of young people…young men and women like you give us hope for the future.

We are proud of you and I am sure that your families, your teachers, your friends feel the same way.

“As you pursue higher levels of education, be it at the secondary or tertiary level, I hasten to advice that success is not a destination but a journey. Do not feel comfortable that you have arrived as the journey has merely begun. Be mindful that there is likely to be obstructions along the way.

Thomas went on: “When you encounter them…you never give up. You rely on God, you redeem yourself, you embrace the support given by the parents and teachers, you dream big and remain focus and resilient”.

In an address on behalf of parents, Rachel Henry applauded Flow for their efforts and urged the other parents to get more involved in their children’s lives.

“Thank you for investing in our children and I assure you that the assistance that you are providing will go a very long way in helping our children to realise their dream of a successful secondary education.

“To my fellow parents, I urge you to continue to encourage and motivate your children, please, be that pillar of strength and support that they need during this critical time in their life – take the time to have the patience to invest in your children’s success by being present in their lives.

1998 graduate of the Flow Scholarship programme, Terron Paul who is now a medical doctor at the General Hospital, was chosen by the company to deliver the feature address to the gathering.

Dr. Paul attributed his success to the support given by Flow to his education all the way to the tertiary level.

He said: “You will find that you have people from poor background and they think that probably (it) can’t be done, guess what…success is achievable. Surround yourselves with positive like-minded individuals, positive breeds positive. Plan, plan, plan…If we do not plan, we can’t expect to get rewards…”.

“Establish a priority. You have to remain focus, you’ve done your CPEA and you’ve been awarded. Now it’s just the time to remain focus, this is just the start of the journey…”, he added.

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