Seetahal resigns from SMC

Effective August 31, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Spicemas Corporation (SMC) Kirk Seetahal will cease to be the face of the state-body as he has tendered his resignation.

Sen. Cox confirmed the resignation of Seetahal

This was confirmed by Minister of Culture, Sen. Norland Cox on Tuesday at the weekly post-Cabinet Press Briefing at the Ministerial Complex in the Botanical Gardens in St. George.

Cox told reporters that approximately two months ago, Seetahal who has served in the position of CEO of SMC since 2015 “has asked to move on and we have respectfully accepted his resignation.”

According to the Culture Minister, after the resignation takes effect the position will be advertised in the public domain to find a qualified person to succeed Seetahal.

“We are basically in a transition period. I first take this opportunity to commend Mr. Seetahal on the service that he has given to Spicemas Corporation since 2015 to now. We can recollect that there are a number of contributions that he has made towards the festival and we want to thank him for that but he has asked to move on and we have respectfully accepted his resignation…”, he said.

“What we would have done thus far is that we have a sub-committee (of) persons within the ministry, DPA, and Spicemas Corporation, review the terms of reference for that position and it is our desire, just sometime in September, early September to put a public announcement out (so that) persons who are interested, to express interest in filling that position going forward”, he added.

Sen. Cox appears to be confident that a good successor would soon be found as there are very talented people in the country who have the capabilities to serve as CEO of Spicemas.

Kirk Seetahal – will speak on his resignation when it takes effect

“It is our desire to have that position filled very quickly as there are a number of work to be done in terms of Spicemas going forward and for that person who is coming in to get an opportunity to get an understanding to the workings of Spicemas.”

“And so, we believe that Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique is filled with talented people who are desirous of making a contribution in that regard and as such we want to give an opportunity to do so. An advertisement for that position will be going out, in the next couple weeks or so.”

Seetahal’s expected resignation has been circulating for a few months and that he was asked to remain until after the culmination of Spicemas 2018.

THE NEW TODAY newspaper called Seetahal on Tuesday to get his response to Sen Cox’s announcement about his steeping down from the post but he said that he will “make his final comments on the 31st of August.”

Sen. Cox was also asked if there would be any changes made to the Board of Directors of SMC in light of Seetahal’s imminent departure and he said it was quite possible as is customary with every board.

He said: “As with all boards they are reconstituted whenever they come to the end of the term and Spicemas is no different. If there is any need for changes, some persons may not wish to continue to serve and so change occur in that regard while after review there might be a need to add a different skillset, persons with different background, different skills, and so changes occur in those instances. So, that is a customary activity, you never know, there might be, there may not be”.

The Culture Minister was specifically asked if he was satisfied with the job the board has been doing over the years.

“That is a difficult question because while we have success and the board attributed towards that, there are areas for improvement, so satisfaction in itself, just cannot be an outright measure.

They have done well but there are areas for improvement, so we are satisfied with the work that they have done and of course they have identified areas where we need to work”, he said.
According to Minister Cox, not only the Board of Directors face challenges but stakeholders as well and that some of them “are not quite ready for certain changes”.

“Some stakeholders want change right away and sometimes the resources are not there to facilitate those changes or human resources are not there to facilitate those changes. Sometimes legislatively, those changes are not allowed, in that regard those discussions have been going on…”, he said.

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