Nurses instructed to sign back dated contracts under duress!!!

By Earl J. Maitland

Dr. Keith C. Mitchell,

It is my understanding that:

– The medical field is an extremely crucial and sensitive area in any country.

– Grenada’s medical staff continue to be underpaid, unappreciated and victimised.

– Contracts for a majority of nurses expired in 2016.

– The said nurses were allowed to continue their employment from 2016-2018 without contracts, giving them the justifiable impression of regularised paid work.

– The attached letter surfaced putting the nurses in a rather unfortunate dilemma.

– Some nurses signed under #duress, some migrated to England for #gainful employment, others exercised their #rights to protest the unjust acts of your government by not signing.

It has also been brought to my attention that recently nurses have been told if they do not sign #BACKDATED contracts they will not receive compensation for their services (salary) at the end of August 2018.

Why would a government force its employees to sign back dated contracts? Is this a legally acceptable practice in Grenada? Are contracts signed under duress legally recognised? Where does the Public Service Commission stand on this? Why does your government insist on bullying both the private and public sectors? Does your government not care about the hospital already being short staffed?

At present, persons have no choice but to sit for hours in order to be attended to! What about the patients? Is your regime aiming to have the least number of hospital employees in the Caribbean?


Where the purpose or effect of a contract that is purportedly for a specified period of time or for a specific task is the filling on a lasting basis of a post connected with the normal and permanent activity of the undertaking, establishment or service, it shall be deemed to be a contract for an unspecified period of time.



A successful Health sector is contingent on many things. Please do not trivialise the importance of our nurses as you would have in selecting a qualified Health Minister.

Dr Mitchell, although it may be unusual, please do the right thing!

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