Bowling Man Jailed in New York

A 33-year old Grenadian entrepreneur who is involved with the island’s only bowling facility has landed himself in trouble in the United States.

Kert Skeete – locked up in a jail in New York

Kert Skeete who is listed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Calliste-based Lavo Lanes is now holed up in a U.S prison in New York serving a 1 to 3-year sentence for Grand Larceny.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Skeete was incarcerated for stealing over US$50, 000.00 from his former U.S employer, Isala Corporation in 2016.

He was convicted of the crime in June and held in custody until the sentence was handed down on August 2.

The New York booking information related to Skeete’s detention gives his Book & Case Number as 3101800578 and Docket number as 2017NY000005.

Another document obtained by THE NEW TODAY indicated that the Lavo Lanes CEO could be released from the New York prison on parole on July 29, 2019 or he can be granted a Conditional release from custody in 2020.

Skeete’s wife is said to be running the business in his absence.

PM Mitchell – addressing the gathering at the opening of Lavo Lanes

The news of Skeete’s conviction spread like wildfire in the country on Tuesday given the high-profile official opening ceremony held for Lavo Lanes which attracted a high turnout of government officials including Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

During the 2013 election campaign, Mitchell’s New National Party (NNP) wooed the electorate on the promise of having investors lined up to come into the country to do business, create thousands of jobs and to build a new economy.

This newspaper was told that the financiers of the entertainment facility held back on the project during the 2008-13 rule of Congress under then Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and waited for the NNP to be returned to office.

Fingers are pointing at a former expelled minister of Congress as playing a prominent role in delaying the Lavo Lanes project until the change of government in 2013.

A local businessman who came in contact with Skeete said: “I am not surprised (at the inbcarceration). He always looks like he is shady to me. You also heard some stuff regarding how he used his profession to enrich himself. I don’t know the truth and therefore not in a position to judge”.

Lavo Lanes – the only place offering authentic bowling on the island

A prominent Grenadian in New York also said that he was not surprised at the arrest of Skeete since he was known to be associated with some questionable Grenadians in the Brooklyn area who were known to be engaged in shady deals in the shipping business.

Telephone calls made to Lavo Lanes on Tuesday by THE NEW TODAY were not answered.

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