Great year for Helen Marie & Associates

THE NEW TODAY has been reliable informed that the St. George’s-based Helen Marie & Associates Mas band is the overall winner of Band of the Year in Spicmas 2018.

Helen Marie also captured both the 2018 Children’s Carnival Frolic (CCF) Fancy King and Queen of the Band titles under the theme “Candy Land,” in the event which was held on Carnival Monday at the national Stadium.

The “King of Candy land” was portrayed by Cameron Bain, who amassed 90 points, while the Queen called the “Lollipop Princess” was portrayed by Zaria Skeet, who got 88 points.

Following closely behind in 2nd position was the “Queen of the Festival,” portrayed by Niesha Hazzard and “King of the Festival” portrayed by Sharvin Hector from the St. David-based band, Ignite, under the theme “Inside the Festival,” on 85 points and 83 points, respectively.

The St. Andrew-based Rainbow City Mas Promoters, whose King the “Ashanti Hunter” portrayed by Omarie Joseph and Queen “Themba Princess” portrayed by Raina Bhola amassed 70 points and 81 points respectively under the theme “From Slavery to Emancipation” to finish in 3rd spot.

Commancheros & Associates topped the 2018 CCF Fancy Mas component with a total of 512 points, portraying the theme: “Splash,” followed by Ignite in 2ndposition on 510 points and Helen Marie & Associates in 3rd position on 507 points.

CCF Traditional Mas component saw House of Justice (Short Knee) topping the score on 258 points, followed by Waterloo Veterans (Short Knee) on 245 points in 2ndposition, while the Coast Guard Traditional Mas (Short Knee) placed 3rd on 227 points.

The Telescope Tribal Warriors emerged on top in the section labeled “Other” under the CCF Traditional Mas component with a score of 259 points, followed by House of Justice Short Knee on 758 points and Demonic Angels (vieux corp) on 719 points in 3rd position.

Helen Marie & Associates topped the Fancy Mas Pageant component with a total score of 262 points, followed by the Rainbow City Mas Promoters and AJ & Associates in a tie for 2nd position on 239 points.

The Fancy Mas Band of the Year title also went to Helen Marie & Associates with a score of 787 points, Rainbow City Mas Promoters placed 2nd on 740 points and AJ & Associates finished 3rd with 714 points.

“Carib” walked away with the top score in the “Coloured J’ouvert Band” component with a portrayal of “God Jab” on 416 points. They were followed by “Big Boys Promotions” with a portrayal of “Mystique on 354 points and “Summer Crew” with a portrayal of Jab on 325 points.

Carib also won the Monday night mas component with a score of 795 points, followed by Waggy T in 2nd place on 707 points and King Black on 662 points.

The 2018 Traditional Band of the Year title went to the Hermitage Short knee on 804 points, followed by House of Justice Short Knee on 758 points with the 3rd position going to Demonic Angels (Vieux corp) on 719 points.

Daniel Williams won the Ole Mas component on 225 points with a portrayal called “Assaulted by a homosexual.”

The 2018 Road March title, went once again to the 2018 Soca Monarch, Dingaan “Lil” Natty” Henry and Nyelon “Thunda” Williams, who captured the title for a 3rdconsecutive year with their hit track, “Get in your section”.

The 2018 CFF event was originally scheduled for Saturday August 4, however, was postponed as a result of flooding and landslide damages brought on by a Tropical Wave earlier that week.
When asked if he was satisfied with the execution of CCF on Carnival Monday, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Spicemas Corporation (SMC) Kirk Seetahal said: “No, I am not satisfied (and) if I tell you I was satisfied I would be lying…We had no choice based on what happened but we did what we had to do.”

The SMC CEO, who spoke with this newspaper on Wednesday indicated that once there is not another natural disaster interfering with the event it would be back to normal programming come next year Carnival.

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