Dash captures 3rd consecutive Groovy Monarch title

Dash – the popular artiste from LaBorie as he was being crowned by the Carnival Queen

“…I am glad that I defended, which I knew I would have…”

That was the ecstatic and bold declaration coming from 3 times Groovy Monarch, Shondell “Dash” Amada, in an interview with reporters after being crowned the 2018 Groovy King.

It was a remarkable win for Dash, who amassed a score of 262 points to successfully recapture the national title for a third consecutive time, with a splendid delivery of a song entitled “Gifted.”

Performing in position 12, the LaBorie, St. George resident won the competition by 6 points ahead of his closest contender Jevaughn “Vaughn” John, who scored 255 points, with his rendition “Trouble in the morning.”

Dash’s first response was: “1, 2, 3 (crowns) and it’s my 3rd year in competition, so to win 3 consecutive crowns as a newcomer that shows that I as a person has been growing, the artform has been growing and there are a lot of youths who are looking up to me so I got to keep it nice and safe because it’s the people energies that really motivate and push me forward”.

Vaughn – placed second in the Groovy competition

The 3rd position went to 4 times Soca Monarch Jalon “Boyzie” Olive (245), who was making his debut in the Groovy arena with a selection called “Up in it”.

Mandella “Mandella Linkz” Mc Donald placed 4th on 240 points with his selection “Tomb stone” followed in 5th position by Dingaan “Lil Natty” Henry and Nyelon “Thunda” Williams, who also made their debut in the groovy arena, with a selection called “Tomorrow” on 236 points.

In 6th position was Finley “Scholar” Jeffery (233 points) with his rendition of “Pum Pum” while former Groovy Monarch Wrenroy “Blaka Dan” Ogiste came in the 7th position with his selection “Loyal sideman on 231 points.

Boyzie – the top soca artiste tried his hand at singing Groovy

Kirton “Alma Boy” Roberts scored 219 points with his rendition “Ah next man” to take position 8, followed by Damion “Pappi Boi” La Pompe, Sheldon Douglas and Finber “Shortpree” Andrews in a tie for position 9.

Micah “Baraka” Joseph placed 12th with his selection, “We inside” on 202 points, while Brendon “Killa B” Mckie placed 13th with his song “All Fete” which saw him get 199 points from the judges.

Laura Lisa Richardson followed in 14th position on 188 points with her selection “Privately.”

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