NDC appeals for responsibility in Carnival 2018

Grenada’s main opposition political party, the National Democratic Congress, is appealing to the general public to be responsible as the carnival season climaxes.Interim Political Leader Joseph Andall is making this special appeal just days before what could be considered as the largest series of events to occur during the month of August every year.

Andall stated, “This is a time of the year when many of our Young People, Elders and Nationals who live in Grenada and in the Diaspora, all join together with family and friends to celebrate the rituals and participate in the many events and activities that this season affords us to enjoy as Grenadians and visitors alike”.

He added, “given this fact it, is almost very easy during this period of revelry and excessive alcohol use for one act of irresponsibility to occur and overshadow the entire season”.

Andall went on: “So far, we have witnessed a largely incident-free season and it is vital that we keep it this way, so that everyone wishing to enjoy our festivities can do so in safety, comfort and a peace of mind.

“SpiceMas” as it’s popularly called has a number of remaining events scheduled to take place in the coming weeks and they are likely to attract the largest numbers of participants and spectators.

The National Democratic Congress extends congratulations to all of the winners of the various competitions thus far and wishes all the remaining participants wonderful performances.

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