Huggins has done it again

Geo. F Huggins & Co Ltd has donated $38,145.00 to the Spicemas Corporation.Corporate Marketing Manager at Huggins, Najuma Francis-Patrick on August 1 presented the money to the CEO of the Spicemas Corporation, Kirk Seetahal in a brief ceremony.

The Huggins representative, Najuma Francis-Patrick handing over the cheque to Kirk Seetahal, CEO of Spice Mas

During the presentation, Patrick spoke proudly of Huggins being a 100% Grenadian owned Company which continues to see the need to invest in culture.

She recalled the recent appointment of twice time Groovy Monarch Shondell “Dash” Amada to be associated with the company as further demonstration of Huggins’ thrust to elevate culture in Grenada.

Seetahal expressed the Corporation’s gratitude to Huggins for the long-standing support towards the success of Carnival every year as the company has now emerged as the third largest sponsor of Spicemas 2018.

He also encouraged persons to support Huggins’ booths at the various events throughout the season, highlighting the vastness of the company and their ability to touch the lives of every Grenadian.

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