Heidi Charles is the new Junior Calypso Monarch

With a striking delivery of her song “Shame” that was aimed at hitting the heart of Spicemas Corporation (SMC), 16-year-old Heidi Charles convinced the judges that she deserved to become the “Junior Calypso Monarch 2018”.

Heidi Charles – being crowned by SMC CEO, Kirk Seetahal

In what was her last year in the competition, Charles came out with a vengeance last Friday night to send a message that Junior Calypso Monarch needed to be treated with respect by the Authorities.

“Well it seems like we’re not important with years and years of neglect, treating us with scant courtesies, total disrespect…But since that they want to send Calypso six feet in Cemetery and for that I have no choice but to cry shame on the authority…” was an excerpt from the artiste, who is a 2018 graduate of the Anglican High School (AHS).

Charles who captured her first Junior Calypso Crown in 2014 explained that the song that she only wrote three weeks ago is personal for her.

Young Legend – had to settle for third place

“I have been singing for 10 years and the way they treated us, I just said that I wanted to send a message to the Ministry and to the Spicemas Corporation so they could improve. Because without us they would not be no Dimanche Gras, because if they don’t treat us good, we wouldn’t want to sing for the bigger stage, so that’s why I sang tonight on that topic,” she said.

Her delivery amassed a total of 260 points putting her ahead of the other 17 competitors to capture first place.

Last year’s winner, 15-year-old Kate Mitchell took second place with her rendition “Respect Women”, which received 254 points from the judges.

Third place went to Kenyon Moses-Joseph, who goes by the sobriquet “Young Legend”, gaining 242 points with his song, “Time is now”.

Kate Mitchell – the 2017 winner was dethroned

Moses-Joseph was also a semi-finalist in the National Calypso Monarch competition held at Progress Park, Grenville on July 29.

Shadey Sylvan took fourth place (239 points) with her song “Junior Calypso Issues” and firth place with total of 238 points went to Michael “Wonder Boy” Griffith with his rendition of “Can’t wait”.

A total of 18 Junior Calypsonians competed for the title.

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