GBA reflects on life of Ashley Bernardine

Newly elected President of the Grenada Bar Association (GBA), Lisa Taylor has paid glowing tribute to Attorney-at-Law Ashley Bernardine who passed away last Sunday, describing him as “a singular individual” who is “irreplaceable and so we will miss him.”

Bernardine – gave years of service to the legal profession and ordinary Grenadians

Taylor made the statement to THE NEW TODAY newspaper on Wednesday as she reflected on the life of Bernardine who served for one-term as President of the local bar.

“A person who has that kind of personality, they always leave a mark and Ashley was no exception. He will be missed for all the various ways in which he impacted in the process of law in Grenada and the Grenadian society”, she said.

The GBA President recounted Bernardine’s passion to serve and to offer assistance wherever needed to anyone not only in his profession as a lawyer but in his every day encounter with people.

Taylor described him as “a larger than life figure.”

“He has been active in the area of Mediation and Ashley was one of what I would call the Characters of the Bar. He related to all persons in his society…but at the Bar, we recall him assisting people in the community who needed the help of lawyers. He was well known to give many citizens, free service; pro bono service to Grenadians that needed his assistance. He was known to assist the court itself because sometimes the court is in need of assistance…”, she said.

“He was just a larger than life figure – very much a person who spoke his mind. We remember that about him and sometime that gives you enemies but he was never deterred in any way in saying what he wanted to say and speaking his mind,” she added.

According to the female GBA boss, the late Bernadine who was the husband of former Education Minister, Franka Alexis-Bernadine has left an indelible mark on the profession and those he came across.

Taylor said: “I don’t know anyone now who would step up and play the part of all he did as I said to help but I trust that his passing would be a motivating factor that will spur lawyers to grant more dedication to service. He was not alone in the way that he helped but the kind of assistance that he rendered, you don’t see that being rendered very readily and easily these days.

“…In some way he has motivated some of the younger practitioners who have been called to assist the juvenile offenders. So, we do have a few young lawyers that have stepped up and we dare say in the tradition of an Ashley Bernardine and others like him. In terms of all of the various aspects that made Ashley who he was, I don’t think we can see anything of that kind of person and a character in the future,” she remarked.

No date has been given for Bernadine’s funeral but THE NEW TODAY understands that the body would be laid to rest about a week after the carnival celebrations come to an end.

The attorney-at-law died at his home after being ill for the past year.

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