The work of the Rotary Clubs in Grenada

New District Governor of Rotary International District 7030, Dominique Vénéré has given the two Rotary Clubs in Grenada – Rotary Club of Grenada and Rotary Club of Grenada East – the thumbs up for projects being undertaken on the island.

Three members of Rotary International meet with the local media to give updates on projects

Vénéré who was making her first visit to Grenada since assuming the post met with local reporters in the presence of Assistant Governor Leslie Ramdhanny and President Lester Andall at the Venus Restaurant in an effort to bring the public up to date on projects involving the two Rotary Clubs.

Four of the Clubs flagship projects identified were Water and Sanitation in Primary Schools, Bosch Eye Care Clinic, Diabetic Foot Care project and the maintenance of the Quarantine Point Park.

According to District Governor, Vénéré, she was particularly impressed with the Sanitation Project.

“I visited different projects here and they are nice projects – Projects for eyes and projects for sanitary – I see two projects in different schools. Sanitary Projects in St. Marks, I think it’s a good thing to give sanitary for children…”, she said.

“…I saw another project for what you call special children. I think the club of Grenada work well, they’ve got a lot of projects and it’s what we need today, not just small projects but projects to be seen by the community,” she added.

The 2017 theme for Rotary International is “Be the Inspiration” and District Governor Lesley Ramdhanny believes that the projects now being undertaken are just a reflection of that.

He said that a team of volunteer doctors from the United States, representing the Bosch chapter of North Carolina usually come to the island and provide voluntary service to persons who need eye care treatment in Grenada.

“The ones we target are the ones, who cannot afford to pay the regular optician…”, he remarked.

On the Water Sanitation and Hygiene project, Rotarian Leslie said that the project targets students at Primary Schools on the island.

“We are just about completing our fourth school. It’s a very extensive project because we believe every school must have an emergency portable water supply. To do that, we ensure that water tanks are provided.

“We provide 1000 gallon tanks where they are needed in the various primary schools. We clean, sanitise and replace broken toilets and wash basins and we paint the washrooms so that way, we are providing there a hygienic environment for these primary school students to use.”

The schools that are benefitting from this project are St. Giles

Primary School, St. Andrew’s Methodist School, Hermitage Primary School, St. Joseph’s RC and the Tivoli RC is next in line on the list.

President Andall told reports that the Rotary Clubs often depend on the general public to provide assistant to the communities in executing projects.

“We use the rotary network but we also appeal for the support of the general public. We have various fundraising events – they are not just fundraising for the sake of fundraising, these funds are used to fund our many projects”, he said.

Andall identified the ongoing Quarantine Point project as “one of our signature projects”

He said: It’s a big project, the business community has been very co-operative with us, providing gravel, concrete, cement and we look forward having the business community partner with us in many more aspects as we develop that park…”.

“Rotary will continue to do its work by engaging with you, the people outside there. Whatever you give to Rotary, whatever events that we have and you support it, the funds go back into community projects”, he added.

The next major fundraiser for the club is the Carnival Sunday Fete at Spice Basket at Spice Basket in Beaulieu, St. George.

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