Tempe man on sex-related charges

A 55-year-old Tempe, St. George’s man who is accused of committing sexual crimes against his 13-year-old daughter, was last week Wednesday granted bail in the sum of $35, 000 with 2 sureties.

Lincoln Jones – is accused of committing sex crimes against his daughter

Charged with two indictable counts of Indecent Assault and one count of Having Sexual Intercourse with a Minor, is Lincoln Jones, who appeared last week Wednesday before Magistrate Tahira Gellineau at the St. George’s No. 2 Magistrate’s Court on St. John’s Street.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the accused father was apprehended by police on July 21 for questioning in connection with the allegations brought against him by his own daughter.
Jones has retained the services of Attorney-at-Law Francis Williams.

There are unconfirmed reports that the most recent incident took place on the day the young girl celebrated her last birthday, which led to her running away from home.

The accused father was accompanied in court by his wife, who is also the mother of the complainant.

“My husband is an innocent man,” the wife was heard saying outside the court house.

“She (my daughter is) accustomed to running away from home…I don’t know what she doing that to him for,” remarked the wife as she demonstrated strong support for her husband.

As part of his bail conditions, the court ordered the accused father to have no contact with his daughter or have anybody contact her and to report to Central Police station on the Carenage every Wednesday.

Information reaching THE NEW TODAY indicated that Jones was unable to find sureties to post his bail.

The matter has been adjourned to October 22, when the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the charges against the accused is expected to start before the Magistrate.

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