RGPF rolls out safety plans for Spicemas 2018

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has unveiled its security plans for the holding of this month’s annual Spicemas festival.

High ranking members of RGPF met with the local media to discuss safety for Spicemas

The details were given to reporters at a press briefing Tuesday in which Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Jessmon Prince warned that a no-tolerance approach to offensive weapons, illegal narcotics, and the use of glass bottles would be put into force by the Police Force.

According to ACP Prince, the customary law enforcement presence would be seen at all major carnival events in the upcoming week.

He said the launch of RGPF’s Carnival Operational Plans came into effect on July 16 and sicne then a lot has been done to meet the objective of creating and sustaining “an enabling environment that gives our citizens and visitors an ensuing sense of security in the carnival period.”

He stated that the public can expect heightened engagements involving the police at the community level especially in and around all mass crowd events.

“We are going to exercise our comprehensive command, control and communications mechanism to give effect to operational synergy among departments. We are going to partner with private security companies to augment our manpower especially at the major mass crowd events, we are going to deliver assertive policing at all events.

“We are going to implement preventative patrols – overt and covert – with emphasis on hot spots in vulnerable communities. We are going to work with Spicemas Corporation to ensure everything possible is done to make sure all events are incident free.

The high-ranking police officer indicated that RGPF would establish what he referred to as “stakeholder collaboration” at the High Command level for specific events throughout the carnival season.

This initiative by the force, he said should not prevent persons from taking personal responsibility for their own security during the festive period.

“You would also see police checkpoints throughout the state of Grenada. You would also see foot patrol, mobile patrol on the perimeters of events throughout the state. You are going to see soft ticket checkpoints when you are entering major events especially at the National Stadium”, he said.

“We are going to see random screening and searching on entry into those areas and of course an Anti-Disruption Unit that would have the responsibility for ejecting any behaviour that seeks to disrupt the event”, he added.

ACP Prince went on: “For all major events from J’ouvert to last lap, you will see check points at strategic points ensuring that the towns and venues where the events are being hosted to control what goes into the area”.

The senior member of the Police High Command stressed that the force’s intense security systems would also be activated to provide support for masqueraders and visitors alike to access the police at a moment’s notice.

He wants the General Public to know that “the roving patrol” of RGPF would be identified by the “revolving lights” that can be seen on their vehicles from time to time.
According to ACP Prince, the RGPF Carnival Operational Plan will be done in collaboration with the Ministry of Health especially on j’ouvert morning (August 13).

“The Ministry of Health would also be available at one glance, thus providing for any immediate emergency cases”, he said.

The senior cop disclosed that soft ticket checkpoints would be established at all major events and RGPF is advising persons to adhere to the crime prevention tips given by the police for their own safety.

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