‘Get in your section.’

That was the song performed by 2 times Road March winners from St. David, Lil Natty and Thunda under the jargon ‘Wuss Ways’, to top the semifinal round of the national Soca Monarch competition on 241 points last week Friday (July 27) at Progress Park, in the big parish of St. Andrew.

With an energetic performance, the St. David duo scored 241 points, 4 points more than their closest contender Javis ‘Muddy’ Cuffie, also from St. David, in 2nd position on 237 points with his selection ‘Done stupid already.’

Placing 3rd on 231 points was the pride of St. Patrick, Luni Spark & Electrify, with their rendition ‘Mass up challenge.’

Speaking with reporters following their performance, the Soca bards from St. David expressed satisfaction with their performance.

“It has a lot of challenge going on around the world but it never had a mash up challenge. So, it’s people, basically showcasing themselves; who could mash up the most, who could get on the most, that is the whole objective, that’s the vibes for Carnival too. That’s what it’s all about,” the duo told reporters.

There was a tie for position number 4 on 222 points between newcomer to the semifinals stage Kendel ‘Ledneck’ George, with his rendition “Stampede” and the veteran, Elimus ‘Inspector’ Gilbert who sang, ‘Disagree.’

Ledneck, who was one of the people’s favorite coming into the competition, felt he had a good chance to make it into the finals and expressed satisfaction with his performance and in reciting a line from his song “We in we place”.

He said: “We know Carnival is madness, people mashing up place; so that is what Stampede really covers, the meaning of Carnival on a whole,” he added.

Inspector also known as ‘Specky,’ who has been in the industry for more than 33 years and holds every national music title under his belt said he remains relevant today because of his fans.

“I have loyal fans (and) they are not giving up on me…Some of the young boys want me (to) go but the fans say, “No, leave the old man so, ‘allu’ could learn something.”

The 6th position was occupied by Shem ‘Terror D Governor’ Bernard, on 218 points with a rendition called ‘Only God can stop me”.

Reigning Groovy King, Shondell ‘Dash’ Amada, followed in 7th position, on 217 points with his rendition ‘Follow my lead.’

Dash, who topped the preliminary round of the competition with a track called “Wild up” said, the song (Wild up) was used alternatively as “Follow my lead” was not yet completed.

“It (‘Wild up’) wasn’t the song (that) I wanted to do but I didn’t finish ‘Follow my lead’ in time, but this song here it means a lot to me because it is actually a different, different, bounce of music…”, he said.

’Follow my lead,’ it’s a song for the night, it has the different elements, you have commands, music (and) melody…” Dash explained.

Placing 8th on 213 points was Damion ‘Pappi boi’ La Pompe, with a track called ‘Bacchanal Blast.’

He was followed by Keron ‘Lil Kerry’ Noel in 9th position on 212 points with his rendition ‘Ah ain’t giving up.’

In position number 10 was Jerry ‘Pappa Jerry’ Baptiste, with a song called ‘Total destruction’ on 211 points.

The artiste, who has been in the music business 17 years now, has never won a crown.

“I am one of the most destructive forces in Soca and Calypso (and) people see me as controversial, someone who always bring something interesting for people to either object or agree to; so, the song is basically to destroy all the competitors,” he said adding, the fact that the title always elluded him provides the opportunity and the drive to think “it’s my year”.

“I will never give up until it’s accomplished”, Pappa Jerry quipped.

The other semifinalist moving onto the final round of competition were Ezron ‘Dezy X’ Stafford, in position 11 on 209 points, Jevaughn ‘Vaughn’ John in 12th position on 207 points, Dave

‘Boogie’ Peters 13th on 206 points, Finber ‘Short Pree’ Andrews, 14th on 203 points; Filandi ‘Stunner’ Jeffery, 15th on 202 points and Brendon ‘Killa B’ McKie on 201 points.
The 16 competitors will compete on Bachannal Friday (August 10) against reigning 4 times Soca Monarch, Jalon ‘Boyzie’ Olive, on the big stage at the National Stadium at Queen’s Park.

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