Renwick & Thompson gives to Commancheros & Associates for Spicemas

The Carnival season is upon us and corporate Grenada is once again playing its part to ensure that it is a memorable and rewarding experience for all revellers and spectators.

The presentation from Renwick & Thompson to Commancheros Mas Band

Renwick & Thompson’s Carenage store, The Best Little Liquor Store in Town, has renewed its support to Commancheros and Associates for this year’s band ‘Splash’.

The company’s Sales Manager, Jacqueline Williamson has made a donation to Jennifer Skeete, a representative of the St. Paul’s-based Commancheros and Associates.

During the brief presentation ceremony, Williamson said that “Carnival makes an important contribution to the economic and cultural development of Grenada” and the company is pleased to be associated with the annual event.

“Renwick & Thompson continues to support Commancheros & Associates because, not only is it a family band, but it is the only band that ensures that the tradition of steel pan music remains visible on the road during Spicemas”, she added.

This year’s sponsorship consists of both monetary and product support.

In accepting Renwick & Thompson’s contribution, Skeete expressed the mas band’s sincere appreciation to the company for once again providing financial and product support to the band.

“This support goes a long way in defraying the cost of having a band on the road for Spicemas and providing much needed refreshments for our adult masqueraders to enjoy,” she said.
Commancheros & Associates will be on the road for Spicemas 2018 with a presentation entitled Splash.

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