NAWASA’s 15th annual CPEA Award Ceremony

For yet another year, the National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) has given back to its employees by awarding the students of its employees who were successful in the 2018 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA).

NAWASA’s 15th CPEA Award Ceremony saw nine students receiving assistance as they prepare for their years of secondary school.

The nine students who were awarded by NAWASA

The ceremony was held at NAWASA’s Board Room last Friday, in the presence of board members, parents and employees.

Bringing words of encouragement to the students was Chairman of the Board of Directors, Anthony Mac Leish who extolled the commitment of the state-run body to “endorse and promote initiatives that recognise academic achievement”.

“When we speak about honouring our employees for the sacrifices they make daily, this initiative is one of those that showcases this. We want our employees to know that we value you. We recognise your commitment beyond self and we appreciate your service to this tri-island state. NAWASA hopes that the token given today will assist parents and students in their preparation for the next stage of their educational journey…”, he said.

“To the awardees, we applaud you for your commitment to your studies which has paid off and NAWASA encourages you to work even harder as you move into secondary school and beyond.

You have made your parents, family and teachers and NAWASA extremely proud. As you move into the next stage of your learning course, I ask you to continue this journey, your educational journey, with a thirst for learning wherever this may take you, for it was once said ‘tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’”, he added.

As NAWASA seeks to make the best individuals out of the nine students awarded this year, a motivational speaker was brought in to ensure that the awardees begin their first year of secondary school on the right note.

Varnesta Noel encouraged the awardees to envisage their career path now, so that they can be better prepared for achieving it.

She said, “You are not too young to start thinking about it. It starts right now, today, at Form One, you need to start thinking now what you really want to be and you need to go for it. So, ask yourself who am I, what do I want to be and seek guidance and how to become who you want to become.

“Now, does the sun ask itself, am I good, am I worthwhile, is there enough of me? No, it burns and it shines. Does the sun ask itself what does the moon think of me, how does Mars feel about me? No, it burns and it shines. Does the sun ask itself am I big as other suns in other galaxies? No, it burns and it shines. Just like the sun, be who you were created to be and you would set the world on fire.”

Representing the Ministry of Education at the event was Corporate Communications Officer, Daisy Hazzard, who told the awardees to make the best of their secondary school years.

“Your high school journey that you are about to embark on is going to be one of the most important periods of your life. No matter where you go for the rest of your life…even when you finish your secondary journey and you move on to college and you move on to university and you become doctors or plumbers or lawyers or whatever you will be, you will always remember your secondary years. They’re very, very important years because they lay the foundation for who you will become for the rest of your life,” she stated.

Over 100 students have been awarded thus far by NAWASA, through this initiative.

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