Controversy over Grenada Day in Montreal

The leader of one of two warring Grenadian groups in Montreal, Canada is claiming success over the other in the holding on Saturday of a Grenada Day in the North American city.

Heated exchanges have been taking place between the Playmas Montreal Cultural Association whose President is Gemma Raeburn-Baynes and the Grenada Day Montreal Organisation Inc which is led by Florence Jones who is originally from St. David.

Jones has told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that the island’s Honorary Consul to Montreal, Leonard Wharwood is seemingly giving support to Raeburn-Baynes and her outfit.

“The event was wonderful, I got a crowd of over 500 people. The capacity of the place was 500 and I sure I got over 800 people (who) came in””, she said.

Jones also said that a government minister, Grenada’s Consul General to Toronto, Ambassador Derek James along with Wharwood made a brief 20-minute stop over at her event.

”I think they came to see if our event failed”, she quipped.

According to Jones, the Grenada Day event can be considered as a tremendous success as “all the food and drinks” were finished in quick time.

She also stated that a party that was held after the main event was “sold out” and that she had “to turn back people” who came to patronise the event.

She said that she was informed by persons that the Raeburn-Baynes event, held about 30 minutes away, attracted a much smaller gathering of around 200 persons.

Speaking to this newspaper, 24 hours after the event, Jones dropped hints at possible witchcraft by those who wanted to see the event put on by her fail.

She said: “I just came in from work and found a dead bird on my balcony and Sunday morning I also found a dead rat. I don’t have any rats in my home. So, I keep wondering and now this”.

Letters obtained by THE NEW TODAY point to an ongoing war of words between Jones, Raeburn-Baynes and Wharwood on the future direction of the Grenada Day event in Montreal.

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