Seetahal shouts harassment

Chairman of Spice Mas Corporation, Kirk Seetahal has said he is being targeted as a result of the song “Pum Pum” but calypsonian Scholar says that is not his problem.

In a one-on-one interview Tuesday, Seetahal told a local reporter that since the song was made public he has been harassed and threatened even at his home.

According to the carnival chairman, persons have been passing by his home, shouting derogatory comments and accusing him of being responsible for the failure of Panorama last year.

Seetahal said he would be seeking legal advice regarding the song, which is performed by multiple crown winner Scholar.

While the calypsonian has denied that his double entendre song is a statement on homosexuality the public has attached that meaning to the lyrics.

The song addresses the absence of Panorama and blames Seetahal for it, something he says is inaccurate.

The Spicemas boss said he does not care whether his gay lifestyle is public as he has lived openly as a gay man for the last several years but is offended that he is being blamed for what happened when it is the Pan men who failed to complete the Panorama stage after receiving funds from the Corporation.

“I don’t care if people know I am gay”, he quipped.

“Everybody know I gay, even my dogs know I am gay”, he said with a chuckle.

A government-ordered probe into the pan fiasco was conducted by a committee headed by Colin Dowe but the findings were never made public by the Keith Mitchell-led government.

The then Minister of Culture Brenda Hood took responsibility for the failure of the panorama competition and resigned from her position but was immediately offered a lucrative contract to take up the post of Advisor in the Ministry of Culture.

Scholar performed “Pum Pum” at Sunday’s Groovy Monarch competition, securing a place in the semi-final of the contest.

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