New Facility for NaDMA

Minister of State in the Ministry of Climate Resilience with responsibility for Disaster Management, Senator Winston Garraway has announced that work will start by the end of 2018 on the new head office in Morne Jaloux for the state-run National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA).

The facility will be constructed through a US $1.4 million grant from USA Southern Command (Southcom).

THE NEW TODAY understands that the new location will be the site of what used to be a television station that is about three miles from where the agency currently operates adjacent to Fort Frederick at Richmond Hill.

Sen. Garraway told reporters a site visit was conducted on June 14 involving Southcom and the contractors which resulted in a confirmation of the structure and the material that will be used to construct the new building.

He said at one time consideration was being given to put up a Steel building but Grenada made representation for a concrete building and “we got the confirmation that we’ll have a concrete structure at the new facility”.

“So, we’re looking at before the year end to start seeing boots on the ground (to start construction work)”, he said.

“There is a move right now from the US team to ensure that we do everything that is necessary right now to start the construction and given the force or the strengths of those hurricanes that we’ve seen right now and given that climate change has disrupted almost everything, we wanna ensure that the construction that will be done at the site in Morne Jaloux will be of the best”, he added.

Sen. Garraway also told reporters that under the Southcom initiative, the next project to be undertaken will be the construction of a warehouse
for NaDMA in Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

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