Grenada is set to lose 84 of its best and most highly trained nurses to England.

According to a well-placed source, the nurses were recruited by an Agency from London that visited the island in recent days as part of an initiative to fill several existing vacancies in the United Kingdom.

The source who did not want to be identified said that over 100 nurses were interviewed for employment in England.

He expressed concerns over the state of healthcare in Grenada after the exodus of the local nurses.

“We already have a shortage of good nurses and we are already short-staffed where nurses are concerned”, he told THE NEW TODAY.

The source stated that the nurses who accepted employment opportunities in England should not be blamed because the authorities on the island have only been paying lip service to healthcare in Grenada.

He pointed an accusing finger at Health Minister, Nicholas Steele who has failed to keep several promises made to the St. George’s General Hospital.

He cited a promise to provide adequate staffing at the critical Blood Unit at the General Hospital that has only one qualified nurse.

According to the source, an Imani without any training in medical care has been sent to work with the Blood Bank “to do the job of someone who should really be skilled and well-trained in taking blood”.

This newspaper understands that the only qualified nurse at the Blood Unit is among the persons recruited to take up employment in England.

Health Minister Steele has noticeable been absent from the annual functions held by the Blood Bank to reward and acknowledge donors who have contributed their blood over the years to the St. George’s General Hospital.

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