Grand Anse Man Sent To Prison for Sexual Crimes Against Young Boy

Approximately five years after being accused of committing homosexual acts against a little boy, a 20- year old, Grand Anse, St. George resident, was on Monday sentenced by High Court judge, Justice Paula Gilford to spend the next nine years at the Richmond Hill Prison.

Hasron Douglas – covers his face shamefacedly as he was escorted to the prison bus

Hasron Douglas was found guilty by a jury for committing a series of sexual crimes against a ten-year-old mentally challenged boy who attended the Grenada School for Special Education, which is located in the Limes, Grand Anse, St. George.

The accused who resides in the same community as the victim initially pleaded not guilty to the offences.

However, he was convicted by a jury about five months ago in a unanimous verdict on one count of Unnatural Carnal Knowledge and one count of Rape.

Douglas was sentenced to six years and seven months for the offence of Unnatural Carnal Knowledge, which is to run concurrent to the ten years and six months sentence handed down on him for the offence of Rape.

The accused who retained the services of Attorney-at-Law George Prime was credited for the five months already spent on remand.

Justice Gilford also ordered the convicted man to learn a trade at the Richmond Hill prison and to undergo courses in Math, English and Information Technology at the CXC level or face a default sentence of 2 years imprisonment.

Crown Counsel in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Brendon La Touche told the court that the incidents occurred in different time spans, with the Unnatural Carnal Knowledge crime dating back to 2011 and Rape in 2013.

The victim testified to being raped by Douglas inside a bathroom facility at the school while the Unnatural Carnal Knowledge was committed under an abandoned building located close to the school.

This newspaper understands that the convicted man has siblings who also attended the school during the same period as the victim and was usually seen dropping and picking them up at the end of the school day.

Douglas would have committed the crimes when he was roughly 15 years old.

Age was not used as a mitigating factor by Justice Gilford in handing down the sentence on him.

The judge expressed hope that he would walk the straight and narrow path and be effectively rehabilitated so that upon his release from prison that he can begin making a meaningful contribution to society.

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