Tension increases following Saigon Murder

Family members of deceased Mont Toute resident Kendall Smith and his alleged killers have reached out to the media, calling for police intervention out of concern that growing tension over the Saigon killing just over a month ago could lead to more bloodshed.

Six murder suspects, who are said to be closely related are accused of using cutlasses and other sharpened instruments to inflict severe damage to Smith, including 15 chop wounds in what is perceived to be a revenge ambush and killing.

The deceased was involved in an earlier chopping incident, which occurred in a shop in Saigon, in which he allegedly wounded an individual by the name of William “Timmy” Steven, who sustained severe chop wounds to his head, face and arms.

Following his release from hospital approximately 3 weeks ago, Timmy, who resides at Grand Anse Valley, appealed to the persons he claimed are threatening the lives of both him and his family to desist from doing so.

“We are sorry to know that the person (Kendall is) dead, we have people too in prison. Everybody wants satisfaction, yes it’s true but we ‘din’ (were not) wishing for nothing bad – we doh want that kinda thing”, said Timmy.

“I just want ah peace and my family to be at peace. So, I would like for the police to do something so we can reach some kind of settlement”, he added.

His call was echoed by the family of the deceased, whose mother Annabella Frederick indicated that her deceased son and Timmy had a history of violent disputes, which had escalated last month.

However, she said that her family members have no intention to engage in a revenge attack on Timmy’s family for the brutal manner in which they allegedly killed her son.

“…I don’t have strength and even if I could I would not because the matter is already in the hands of the law,” said the mother, who is still shaken by her son’s murder.

According to a sister of the deceased, Amanda Smith, one of Timmy’s sisters was throwing words at her sister by the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court when the suspects made their appearances on murder charges.

She was allegedly quoted as “saying that they kill already and they could kill again”.

“…One of the (police) officers heard when she (Timmy’s sister), said that and asked my sister to come (to the police station to) make a report, “she said.

The six who were charged with Non-Capital Murder in connection with the May 19 chopping death of 30-year-old Smith made their second appearance before Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill last week Tuesday at the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court.

The murder suspects, who were unrepresented when they made they first appearance in court, have all retained defense counsel to their defense.

The youngest, a 17-year-old secondary school student, whose name has not been disclosed, has retained the services of female Attorneys-at-Law, Sabina Gibbs and Anyika Johnson of Ciboney Chambers to assist him.

Alpheus Thomas, 33, along with 26-year-old Robert Steven, who was the latest suspect to be implicated in the gruesome killing, are both represented by Attorney-at-law, Herricia Willis, while 19-year-old Chevon Steven is being represented by Attorney-at-law, Derrick Sylvester.

Another Attorney, Francis Williams is representing 23-year-old Ronnie Thomas and Attorney Darshan Ramdhanny is providing representation for 33-year-old Micah Steven.

The lawyers requested full disclosure from the State in the matter, which has been adjourned to July 5 for the start of the Preliminary Inquiry into the indictable charge laid against the suspects.

Family members who showed up at the court when the murder accused persons appeared in court for the second time last week Tuesday told THE NEW TODAY they have not been allowed to visit their loved ones at the Richmond Hill Prison and flocked the court compound to get a chance to see them.

This newspaper was reliably informed that the prison took the decision since it has been forced to increase the security measures on the compound based on intelligence that persons are planning to harm the murder suspects.

A source close to the prison said that “based on threats issued by members of both families the prison resorted to this measure to ensure that “they are absolutely safe and the family will not be allowed to visit the inmates unless the Prison is comfortable that the security measures are met.”

The source said while the “concerns of the family members of the murder accused persons are understood, at the same time visitation has been suspended to ensure the complete safety of the inmates and the safety of persons visiting the prison as well.”

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