Prime Minister Mitchell ‘washes his hands’ of corruption in the delivery of state services for the next five years

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has acknowledged that a certain level of corruption is taking place among supporters of the ruling
New National Party (NNP) with government-financed projects.

Addressing NNP supporters at a meeting in the St. George’s North-east Constituency of Member of Parliament, Tobias Clement, the Prime Minister vowed that he would not allow this to continue under his watch.

According to Dr. Mitchell, there are some members of the party who misbehaved when it came to handing out services to the people during the 2013-18 term in office.

“Some of us misbehave … we were not perfect,” PM Mitchell said, as he alluded to “misbehaviour” in the House Repair Programme, the Needy Assistance Programme and the de-bushing programme.

“Some people that should get house repair did not get and some people got too much. That’s a fact and I am not talking about North East alone, North West too, my constituency. I am not going to hide it and some of them that misbehave are some of my best friends, that is the life we face…,” he told the meeting.

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) were called in over a year ago to investigate alleged wrongdoing with house repair material in the St. Patrick West constituency of former Education Minister, Anthony Boatswain.

However, the result of the probe has never been made public and no one was charged by the police.

Dr. Mitchell mentioned that the Needy Assistance Programme that provide benefits for many people including young and old was not dealt with in a proper way and he would not be part of it this time around in office.

“Some of (the people) who needed needy assistance did not get it but some who did not need got it. Do we wanna go down that road? I say no, I will not be part of that – who wants to vex with me, vex but that’s the nature of life. You want to please everybody, well do what is right, when you do what is right, your conscience is free,” he said.

According to PM Mitchell, the NNP was not voted into office to serve just party supporters, and cautioned that the act of serving just NNP supporters should be cut off for the next five years.

“The people who need it, whether they voted NNP or not, must get it, if they are in need. This government and this party does not serve just a partisan people, we serve the people of the country, that’s what we were elected for. There were people who were crying out for help in the several areas and they did not get it,” he said.

Prime Minister Mitchell also indicated that there will be changes to the de-bushing programme, which was mishandled in the last five years to make it become more transparent.

“We misbehaved with road work. Some people get a lot and some did not get and I am not talking about one constituency, it happened all over, some worst than others and I as Prime Minister, I have to speak.

So, colleagues, I ain’t going down that road again, I am not going down that road. Road work will be done more transparently, so there will be (no) big boys or big names doing what they want for themselves…

“We cannot be (doing) that, we have to share the bread. This is not Keith Mitchell bread … this is the people’s bread and that is why I could talk like this.

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