Grenada students unveil Mural at ELAM


On Wednesday 13th June, 2018, Grenada’s Ambassador to Cuba and Dean of the Caricom Diplomatic Corp, Claris Charles on June 13 attended the unveiling of a mural dedicated to Grenada and organised by Grenadian students at Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina (ELAM).
Following is the message delivered by one of the students, Shadell Peters at the ceremony:


Medical student Nyanka Robinson presents gift to Ambassador Claris Charles

The Grenadian students’ delegation of The Latin American School of Medicine (La Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina), Havana, Cuba celebrates the elaboration of a mural in Cuba featuring Grenada ‘the isle of spice’. It is indeed a well-deserved achievement not only as a delegation, but also as faithful ambassadors of the beautiful tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

It can be described as a mural amongst murals, out of many, one that is very distinct. The mural depicts various cultural aspects of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. This gesture reveals the true essence of what Grenada as a state really has to offer to foreigners. It illustrates our identity through means of painting and exemplifies our culture in such a way so that the unknown would be known and those with the most limited idea would get an even better idea.

The mural narrates a graceful story against the backdrop of a panoramic view of the Carenage. It highlights the outline of the map of all three islands that comprise the tri-island state together with unique aspects characteristic of each island. Spices of all kinds, including our famous nutmeg and cocoa, grace the bottom of the mural exhibiting that the spices are the potent foundation on which everything else is built; on which the nation’s vibrant culture is built.
Shortknee and masquerader represent the jubilant fervor of The Grenada Carnival or ‘Spice Mas’ as it is affectionately called by many. Arrayed in bright colors they detail the vibrancy of the carnival; a worthy representation of the main land, Grenada.

The narration continues depicting a woman attired from head to toe in a traditional dress arrayed with the national colors, red, green and gold, graciously dancing to the rhythm of the big drum created by the skillful and methodical movements of the hands of her fellow companion. He too, is adorned in traditional wear. This astonishing imagery represents the rich cultural heritage of Carriacou.

The mural proceeds to portray the tranquil, maritime lifestyle of the people of Petite Martinique, the art of boat building.

Additionally, it is corned by the national flag to the top left and the coat of arms to the top right. Both of which are national emblems.

To conclude the story, our pride and joy of athletics at the international stage, Kirani James, is displayed doing what he does best.

The mural is not just a form of beautification, more so, it plays an important role in representing Grenada amongst the masses represented in the school as it showcases the vibrant culture of our nation.

There are many other murals present within the walls of the school, however, it is satisfying to know that amongst many Grenada is well represented; Grenada stands amongst the masses.

The Latin American School of Medicine was established in 1999 enrolling young students from Latin America, the Caribbean, different countries of Africa, Asia and the Pacific all to fulfill the dream of the late Fidel Castro to provide assistance to the world through the formation of medical doctors in Cuba who would be able to contribute substantially toward the health system in their respective countries upon their return after their graduation.

Since its commencement thousands of medical doctors have graduated many of which include Grenadians. It offers a splendid opportunity to young adults from different parts of the world to acquire an education in medical studies totally free of cost.

Each year five (5) Grenadian students are given the opportunity to be a part of this program and in so doing, they pursue their dream of becoming a medical doctor.

The realisation of the Grenadian mural would not have been made possible without the benevolent assistance of a few medical doctors of the Grenada General Hospital, the Grenadian Ambassador to Cuba, Her Excellency Claris Charles and her husband, Arthur Hosten and also the talented hands of a Cuban artist.

For such reasons, we the Grenadian students of the Latin American School of Medicine (La Escuela Latino Americana de Medicina) would like to make special recognition to those medical doctors namely: Dr. Andre Hamlet, Dr. Kimani Neckles, Dr. Carlene Patrick, Dr. Tyhiesia Donald, Dr. Clayton Taylor, Dr. Zinda Henry, Dr. Renaldo Clarke, Dr. Clive Alexander, Dr. Marvin Corion, Dr. Ali Drigo, Dr. Shawn Charles and Dr. Devron Joseph. We express our sincerest gratitude and appreciation to them all.

Furthermore, we implore them to continue to support worthy causes such as these wherever and whenever possible for in so doing they would continue to participate indirectly in the education and communication to all people from far and wide about what Grenada as a tri-island state is all about.

In keeping with our motto, indeed, ever conscious of God, we aspire, build and advance as one people.

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