Government looking for suitable accommodation to house High Court sittings

Attorney-General, Dr. Lawrence Joseph has confirmed that an unhealthy air condition system coupled with radiation leaks at the Cable & Wireless Building on The Carenage have brought a premature halt to high court sittings at the moment.

Attorney General, Sir Lawrence Joseph

Speaking to reporters in St. George’s, Dr. Joseph announced that the Bureau of Standards was called in to look at the situation and it was discovered that the building is adversely affected by Radiation.

He said that the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell is looking for a temporary building to house the court for the next few weeks.

“…A decision has been taken to close operations of the courts for the week and … to look at other accommodation to have the court sit for a short period, maybe three weeks, four weeks or whatever, until a final determination is made with regards to where the courts will sit eventually”, he added.

The Attorney-General disclosed but without giving details that a building has been identified by government to house the courts for a few years until a permanent Legal Complex is constructed.

“I don’t think it’s wise for me to call it (the name of the building) now because no form of arrangement has been made but a particular building has been identified with regards to housing all the courts – that’s for the medium term…two years, three years, four years but ultimately government has a long-term plan with regards to establishing a Legal Complex to house courts and registry and so forth,” he said.

THE NEW TODAY has been reliable informed that the Mitchell government has set its eyes on South City Plaza at Grand Anse that is owned by imprisoned businessman, Finton DeBourg.

Dr. Joseph told reporters that a decision will also have to be made by government on the Lime building in light of a year-to-year lease agreement with Cable & Wireless for its use.

The Court of Appeal is currently sitting in Grenada and was forced to use the newly renovated Corporate Affairs & Intellectual Property Office) CAIPO Building on Upper Lucas Street, St. George’s to hear matters.

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