Boyzie plans to capture his fifth consecutive soca title

Four times Soca Monarch, Jalon “Boyzie” Olive has sounded a warning to those who are seeking to take away the crown from him that they can expect a tough fight.

Boyzie who recently captured the OECS Soca Monarch Title for the second consecutive year told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that he is going for his fifth crown for Spicemas 2018 in August.

Boyzie – has no intention of disappointing his fans for the 2018 season

The 24-year-old entertainer announced that his season will begin on Saturday with the holding of ‘Crave’, a soca show which will officially launch him into Spicemas 2018.

“2018 is the year man – this year we’re going for number five and we’re going real hard,” said Boyzie who indicated that for him 2018 is the year of “pure energy”.

“If you know me, you know my thing is just mas. 2018 – get ready for Bacchanal…”, he quipped.

The St. Patrick artiste disclosed that his top rendition is called “Possess” and sought to assure fans that he will not fail them on Soca Monarch night.

“Right now, the song cooking – we get the ingredients, so we just ready to put the pot on fire,” he remarked.

On Soca Monarch night when he is defending his title, Boyzie said that the strategy will be the same and to see everyone as “my competition” and has no intention of underestimating anyone of the artistes who will be competing on the stage.

“I work best under pressure because I don’t take anything lightly. I don’t take any competition lightly so I go through every year as a year of a different vibes and a different energy.

“I go to competition thinking that everybody is my competition. I don’t look at one man and say ok that is the competition because remember competition is on the night – one mistake you make and then you’re gone off. You can’t take any body lightly, you just have to go out and do what you do.

The top local soca star disclosed that he is working on collaborations with Groovy Soca Monarch Shondell “Dash” Amada and Terror D Governor and the songs will soon hit the airwaves.

Boyzie said that his fans can expect a number of other songs from him this year.

“I want to do about six songs this year. First song I’m dropping name, ‘I’m up in it’ – we wanna drop that one probably next week and I have a couple songs to drop after that but working with regional artistes. It’s just trying to expand…because we have a wider variety,” he remarked.

The reigning soca monarch admitted that the quality of songs that are now being turned out by Grenadian artistes are moving upwards and gave the local industry a “thumbs up.”

“Soca in Grenada right now, the quality up…the vibes up, Jab Jab music gone international, Jab Jab music playing over. Look at Lil Natty and Thunda – right now Lil Natty and Thunda have the number one song, the number one soca song in the whole world. You can hear the jab jab vibe from it.

“Our thing is jab jab and jab jab is a chant “…and if he have mas over dey” everybody doing the chant. We’re just taking music and just bringing (it) to higher heights.

Boyzie said that alhough he would always like to be on top in the soca industry, he is cognizant of the fact that nothing lasts forever and is looking forward to doing something else.

He spoke of a desire to help mentor young and upcoming artistes with the intention to help them propel themselves and Grenada’s music further.

“My advice is always to stay humble because music is a humble thing. You can do one tune and just think that you reach…just stay humble in the game. If music is your passion, never give up on your goals and never give up on your dream. Put in the work and reap success after that…

“Everybody have a big goal – everybody have a big dream, everybody wants to be on top. My thing is just maintaining standards and just bringing up better artistes in the game. I mean artistes have to look up to you and say that you carry on a generation. So, my thing is just not being at the top, my thing is carrying on a generation to uplift the music, take music to a different level. Because I mean I will have my time, my time may be short, my time may be long, you never know.

“My thing right now is flying the flag as high and as far as I could, but I want to take some people with me. So right now, we’re doing some work with the younger artistes, especially in the neighbourhood. We have to have artistes to carry on the music so as much as I want to (be there)…. even if I don’t do it, somebody else has to do it.

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