Upgrade to Constituency Offices to come soon

After one day of advocating for an increase in stipend to Parliamentary Representatives in an effort to better serve their constituents, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Labour, Peter David has announced that a decision was taken by the Cabinet of Ministers to upgrade constituency offices around the island.

Minister David told reporters at the weekly post-Cabinet Briefing at the Ministerial Complex that a review is currently taking place to give the offices a facelift for better service in the next five years life of the government.

He said: “Many people are well aware, constituency offices, meaning Parliamentary Representative Offices are the places where people go for assistance – be it, housing assistance and other forms of assistance. That is where some people first engage with some of these issues, they are being in many cases, working quite well and in other cases working not so well”.

According to the senior government minister, several community organisations which he did not identify are being engaged to ensure that the correct decision is made on sprucing up the constituency offices.

“So that is being undertaken and we hope that at the end of that process, whatever the outcomes are that we are better able as Parliamentarians – and remember this is not only going to cover Parliamentarians who are currently in the office, it’s going to include Parliamentarians later. It is just coincidence that the government now has 15 seats but were it any other parliamentarians, the offices are available…”, he said.

“So, whatever structures and systems are put in place at the moment will benefit whoever wins the seat in Parliament in the future. So, the government is currently seeking to solve the problem by engaging and in the process engagements have taken place with several community organisations”, he added.

Speculation is already rife that the contracts to do the work on the Constituency offices will be given only to political operatives of the ruling New National Party (NNP).

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