Police have not made any breakthrough in the weekend slaying of a St. Andrew’s man described as a key political activist for the ruling New National Party (NNP) in the St. Andrew South-east constituency of Education Minister, Emmalin Pierre.

Cainisaac Edwards – gunned down in Telescope

Cainisaac Edwards, an ex-police officer, was gunned down sometime around 2.30 a.m Sunday morning by a lone gunman dressed in a white overall suit who then fled the scene on foot through some nearby bushes.

A police source told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that the lawmen have not come up with any positive clue for the slaying of the controversial Edwards but believes that he could have been killed by one of several persons whom he had run afoul of over the years.

He said that the executed man is known to have had “many enemies” due to his shady dealings which saw him kicked out of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) over a decade ago.

Edwards had served as a Police Prosecutor at the Magistrate level until he was sacked from the force.

According to the police source, Edwards was in the company of another male person when he was shot and that person has been quizzed by police investigators on what transpired at the time of the killing.

He said the deceased had just came out of a birthday party with his girlfriend and was making his way to a vehicle when he was called out by another man who he was familiar with.

“The two of them were speaking, the girl was already in the car waiting for him to return when a man came up from no where and shot him at close range and then run away”, he said.

Two persons were held within hours of the shooting by the police and questioned about the execution.

According to the police insider, the lawmen had picked up information that there was a quarrel between the NNP activist and another individual in the area over a sex-related matter.

The source said that the slain ex-police officer had a number of matters pending in court on the day that he was executed in an area that he was considered to be a “strongman” for the ruling party.

“I know him pretty well. We had charged him for all kinds of things over the years – some matters were already completed and he was found guilty and he still had a number of other matters before the court”, he said.

The police insider confirmed that the executed NNP political activist was under the radar of RGPF for many years for engaging in a string of illegal activities since he was thrown out of the force.

“He (Edwards) was not a good person at all. He was engaged in too many sh..t”.

Speculation is rife that Edwards might have served as the unofficial Campaign Manager for Minister Pierre in the March 13 general election in which she held onto the seat by defeating former school principal, Patrick Simmons of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

A source close to the NNP confided in this newspaper that after the elections, Edwards’ name was being bandied about for a lucrative government contract to maintain national parks around the island.

The source referred to the executed man as “a real conman and drug dealer” with tremendous influence in the Telescope area of the constituency.

“A man that was selling poison to our youths is not someone that you keep close”, he quipped.

The source pointed out that Edwards was known in the St. Andrew area as the “main man on the ground” for the NNP.

THE NEW TODAY was not able to contact Minister Pierre by telephone for comment on her alleged political relationship with the executed Telescope man.

Another underworld figure in the St. Andrew area charged that Edwards’ killing could be a “rival NNP drug fight” for influence in the constituency as a war was known to be “brewing” among some of the NNP blocks in the South-east area.

The name of another alleged drug baron in the constituency was provided to THE NEW TODAY as one person who was running a rival gang to the executed man and might have feel threatened by his own state-paid contract under the NNP regime.

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