Kidnapped victim Marlon Garraway returns to Grenada

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has confirmed that Soubise resident, Marlon Garraway who was allegedly held captive for approximately two months in Venezuela while his kidnappers demanded a ransom in exchange for his life is back and is currently living with one of the men he accused of being responsible for his kidnapping.

However, a spokesman for the Drug Squad of the police force said that the law enforcement agency is still to interrogate Garraway on what is believed to be a drug-related kidnapping.

Another police official told THE NEW TODAY that the police are looking for the so-called kidnapped victim to question him but cannot find him and suspect that he “has gone into hiding”.

Garraway’s mother told a local media house that her son who does fishing for a living re-entered Grenada by boat through St. David’s waters last Friday.
She said that his Union Island counterpart and another individual believed to have been in Venezuela for the last 11 months were also dropped off by “the Kidnappers”.

A video was circulated on Facebook in recent days showing Garraway to be alive and well and in a jovial mood since being released.
Garraway, along with another male companion, described as a resident of Union Island, was seen in two separate videos begging two named men to pay monies allegedly owed to the Venezuelan Kidnappers to save them from getting killed.

In the first video, the local fisherman was heard making the statement that he was just “an innocent” person and urged the named men to pay what was allegedly owed to the kidnappers.

THE NEW TODAY understands that a ransom of US $30,000 was being demanded by the kidnappers for the release of the captives.
According to the mother of Garraway, the family was able to raise approximately US $8000 which was allegedly paid to the alleged kidnappers via Western Union.

The mother reportedly said that the money was not sent to Venezuela, as there is no known Western Union office there, but to neighbouring Colombia.

She said that her son told her that they survived while in captivity by catching and eating fish until the day came when the kidnappers told them that they will be sending them home.

The police are said to be suspicious about the kidnapping incident and want to interview Garraway.

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