Grenadian nominated Ohio University Employee of the Semester

Another Grenadian has done the island proud having been nominated Employee of the Semester by the Physiology Department at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

Kristyn Neckles, Psy.D.

Kristyn Neckles, Psy.D, has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from an APA accredited program in Miami, Florida, Carlos Albizu University. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Organisational Management and Leadership from Springfield College in Boston, Massachusetts.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the criteria for such nomination by the various departments of the University are that employees should demonstrate dedication to Community, Character, Civility, Citizenship and Commitment.

The purpose of the Nomination is to recognise outstanding Division of Student Affairs Employees of Ohio University who are setting the standards for excellence while creating a supportive environment that enhances the personal development and learning of all students, as well as to recognise employees who demonstrate innovative ideas that enhance the departmental or student experience.

In addition, the university seeks to reward those employees who show exemplary individual achievement, contribution, and performance of their jobs and other related duties beyond their own offices, and to acknowledge those whose efforts have inspired and supported the achievement of others.

In describing Dr Neckles, her nominator stated: “She comes to work every day with her mission to be helpful to students experiencing mental health challenges, to be a team player to colleagues, to find ways to reach across campus to serve students better and more creatively, and to leave with all her work for the day finished and finished well”.

She was also described as warm, highly competent, energetic, eager, efficient, a positive force, and one with a great laugh.

Her nominator added that Dr Neckles brings this to her work within CPS and across campus.

“Within CPS she has jumped into not only providing high quality mental health services, but also engaging in some important committee work. She has been part of staff efforts to revise our diversity statement, helping us be reflective about what we do and what we want to be doing to raise our cultural consciousness.

“She has also been one of the forces within CPS to get our social media ball rolling. I have had the opportunity to serve as her clinical supervisor until she is able to become licensed as a psychologist in Ohio, so I am familiar with her therapy skills and the mental health services she has provided.

“I am particularly delighted to be co-facilitating a therapy group with her as she brings her straight forward and down-to-earth style to assisting students in increasing their self-awareness and overall well-being. She is also timely in her completion of clinical documentation, which is never a therapist favourite task = she serves as a good model for those of us who are her CPS colleagues to not put it off.

Dr Neckles is particularly interested in understanding the role of culture and issues of privilege and power in the context of mental well-being.

She also strives to understand these factors in ways that help to facilitate the provision of effective counseling and psychotherapy.

Particularly, she considers the interconnectedness of ourselves to each other and our environment and the importance of values and balance in living a healthy life.

Her clinical interests include diversity/multicultural issues, trauma, identity and woman issues, as well as, learning disorders, and ADHD.

As a member of the CPS team, Dr. Kristyn “is committed to providing the necessary support to clients so that they experience effective change in their lives.”

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