Macmillan-sponsored Language Buzz creates a buzz

St. Louis RC Girls School came out as first place winner

The St. Louis R.C. Girls school is the winner and first challenge trophy holder for the inaugural, Macmillan Education sponsored, Language Buzz competition, amassing a total of 88.3 points at the finals, which were held on April 23, at Westerhall Secondary School, in St. David.

St. Matthew’s R.C and St. George’s Seventh Day Adventist Primary schools came in second and third, with 87.5 and 85.8 points.

The other Language Buzz competition finalists were Mt. Rose Seventh Day Adventist School, Harvey Vale Government School from Carriacou, and Bonair Government School.

Curriculum Officer for English Language, Deanne Francis-Thomas sadi that she is pleased with Language Buzz’s introduction, implementation and the students’ performance throughout the competition and at the finals.

St. Matthew – finished in the second place

“Let me first of all congratulate you boys and girls for the excellent performance today. You are all winners. I was blown away from start to finish”, Francis-Thomas said.

The competition consisted of three rounds with the first focusing on narrative writing and oral delivery of that writing.
Round two consisted of the oral quiz, which looked at word meaning, synonyms, antonyms, sentence completion, spelling, grammar, capitalization, genres of writing and comprehension while the final round three consisted of writing and enacting persuasive dialogue.

In round one, the school getting the most points for narrative writing was the St. Louis R.C. Girls School, while the St. Matthew’s R.C. School topped the oral reading section.

In round two, St. George SDA School achieved a perfect score in the oral quiz and Bonair Government School was the stand-out school in the persuasive dialogue segment.

Chief Judge for Language Buzz, Carlene Perryman-Rouse said,“There were some cases where there was above-grade level vocabulary and that was commendable and the overall maturity of the writing was well above what we would expect, from students your age”.

Grenada Seventh Day Adventist School – third place winner

Macmillan Education’s Marketing Executive, Clemmie Van Hasselt, who was present for the finals was also high in praise for the performance of the students.

“I am absolutely astounded at the levels of knowledge, the levels of intelligence, the levels of confidence and the levels of humour that we’ve seen here today”, she said.

In her comment, Deputy Chief Education Officer for Curriculum, Maria Viechweg, said, “The Ministry of Education applauds the efforts of Macmillan, for the sponsorship of this activity. Over the years, indeed, we do have support from the publishers, in varying forms. We do anticipate your continued partnership and support for all of our activities. Our gratitude could never be measured.”

Language Arts, as a subject, equips students with the literacy skills fundamental for academic success and their future careers.

Language Buzz is a response to finding more effective tools to enhance the teaching and learning of English Language, hoping to reignite the desire, among students, to appreciate, learn and properly utilise English Language skills, from an early age.

The contest is open to all fourth, fifth and sixth grade primary school students in Grenada, with three participants per school.

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