St. Mark’s Man Blames Spiritual Interference for His Stealing Habits

A Duquense, St. Mark resident has blamed spiritual interference in his life as the reason for his continuous stealing
Danister Warren made the startling disclosure Monday as he received a jail sentence of three years from Chief Magistrate, Tamera Gill at the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court after pleading guilty to the charge of Robbery with Violence.

Danister Warren – receives three years for his crime

The accused appeared in court for stealing a total of $655.00 from a resident of Paddock, St. George.

The Police Prosecution Team provided evidence to show that Warren entered the home of the victim around 7.15 a.m. on May 4 by climbing up a verandah and then entering the bedroom.

He stood behind the woman for approximately three minutes while she was getting ready to leave for her job at a hotel in the south of the island.

According to Prosecutor Inspector, Quintelle Charles, the accused stood behind the lady for a brief as he pondered on whether to go ahead with the act or to change his mind.

The woman reportedly turned around observed Warren standing behind her with a big kitchen knife in his hand.
As she began to scream, the intruder told her all he wanted from her is money.

Warren picked up her bag with her purse that contained $655.00 in cash and ran out of the house.

THE NEW TODAY understands three residents of the area were alerted by the screams and chased after the culprit in a vehicle.

Warren was caught him with all the money but received a beating from the men who also tied him up before returning the cash to the victim.

The court was told that the accused who was released from prison in January after serving two years for stealing, has seven previous convictions of a similar nature, dating back to 1999 after returning from Canada.

Warren said in open court he believes that something spiritual is making him do these things as there is no need for him to steal.

“It’s not something I need to do but I can’t help it. I think somebody do me something. I believe it’s something spiritual”, the accused told the Chief Magistrate.

Warren is a Mason by trade and is currently living in the house in St. Mark’s belonging to his mother who resides in Canada and helps him financially from time to time.

He apologised to the victim saying, “I am very very sorry. I accept responsibility for everything and I will accept whatever punishment I get.”

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