New judge in G’da

The Judicial & Legal Services Commission (JLSC) has appointed a new judge to preside over matters in High Court No. 4 on The Carenage in St. George’s.

Madam Justice Jean Dyer – given a one month assignment to preside over civil matters at High Court No. 4

Montserratian-born Judge, Madam Justice Jean M. Dyer, commenced her assignment as a civil judge last week Tuesday (May 1) and will act in that capacity until May 31.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Justice Dyer had worked in Anguilla, where she practiced as a lawyer before the High Court and Court of Appeal, as well as worked in the Attorney General’s Chambers in Montserrat as a Crown Counsel.

She has also served at one time as the Acting Registrar of Lands in Montserrat from 2003-05.

Dominican-born Judge, Madam Justice Wynante Adrien-Roberts, who has served as a civil judge on island since her appointment in September 2015, is now serving as a criminal judge.

Justice Wyanate Adrien-Roberts has been shifted to focus on criminal matters in High Court No. 5

Justice Adrien-Roberts, who up until last week Tuesday presided over High Court No. 4, has been reassigned to the No. 5 High Court, which was previously presided over by Justice Vivian Georgis Taylor-Alexander, who recently concluded a 1-month assignment, replacing Trinidadian-born Judge Justice Shiraf Aziz.

Justice Aziz resigned last March to pursue a more lucrative job in the Turks and Cacaos Islands (TCI), after serving as a criminal judge on island for approximately 3 years.

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