Milestone for another senior citizen

Senior citizen, Dunstan Edmund proudly walked into the office of THE NEW TODAY newspaper on St. John’s Street in the city to proclaim: “I am in this world today and it is God and God alone who knows why he has me in this way.”

Dunstan Edmund – happy to be alive at 90

The 90-year-old resident of Duquense, St. Mark who celebrated his birthday on April 7 said he feels and looks more like 70 years old.

Edmund, also known as Rupert said he was feeling very good except for little complaints of Hypertension and High Cholesterol as diagnosed by his doctor.

He believes that the mercies of God coupled with growing up in the era where agriculture was the way of life are what are responsible for his youthful vitality.

“The majority of things were agriculture, you know. When you eat a little rice or a little dumpling, it may be on a weekend and when we ate meat, it was yard fowls, the egg and everything; everything was yard fowl. Eating what we grow and growing what we eat is the way to go…”, he said.

“…Our beloved one who had passed away, (Maurice) Bishop, he was trying to do something for Grenada too concerning agriculture and if he was alive today, I want to believe, Grenada might have been a small Cuba”, he added.

Edmund sees the twinning of agriculture and tourism as the key towards the continued development of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

He said: “It is agriculture, you know, agriculture and tourism – agriculture for development, agriculture for health because it’s the good things that you eat and drink that plays a good part in your health. Lots of things that we are eating and drinking today, it has lots of effect on our bodies”.

The citizen citizen also attributed his long life and relatively good health to decision taken by him 35 years ago to cut out smoking and in the last 13 years to give up drinking.

“It was a hindrance to my health but I didn’t know that until after I refrained from doing those things. Hypertensive, heavy cholesterol and my nervous system is not up to standard…and this is because of that heavy drink (rum) because I would drink from sunset to sunrise and I don’t get drunk,” he said.

Edmund condemned the heavy spate of advertisements in the country for persons to consume strong liquor – something he believes contributes in a big way to short lived lives for individuals.

“When I hear (name withheld) come on the air and advertise (rum products), I find this thing so bad it’s a shame. It is encouraging some people and they are telling you how good it is and that is bad,” he said.

The St. Mark resident called for the proper upbringing of children as he noticed that children are increasingly getting more and more disrespectful with each passing year.

“You can’t really blame them because some of them they didn’t get those from home. So it’s not easy for the children to get that discipline and it’s very sad to know that. Young mothers, try your best when you have your child or children to grow them in a very respectable manner because today some children, they would pass and they wouldn’t even say morning or good afternoon and sometimes you would say good morning or good afternoon to them, some of them wouldn’t think about responding and that’s not how I grew up.

“It’s not everything that I grow up with, they would take it up but I would like to see children be more respectable because that helped me – through God, it helped me to be what I am today.

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