Suspected Pakistani terrorist nabbed in G’da

High court judge, Madam Justice Wynante Adrien-Roberts has given the Keith Mitchell-led government the greenlight to extradite Pakistani national, Muhammad Ehsan who is allegedly on a U.S list of persons suspected of having close ties to a terrorist group.

Ehsan was nabbed in Grenada over a month ago following intelligence gathering by the United States and provided to the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

According to well-placed sources, Ehsan had qualified for Grenadian citizenship after marrying a woman from the St. George North-east area.

A source familiar with the case said that the Pakistani was working with a local company when he was picked up for interrogation by grenadian security officials based on a tip-off from the U.S embassy in Bridgetown, Barbados.

The NNP government quickly moved to revoke Ehsan’s citizenship and Dr. Mitchell in his capacity as Minister of National Security signed the relevant document to deport him from the country.

However, the order was blocked on legal grounds after former Attorney-General, Rohan Phillip was retained by the Pakistani and filed an application before the high court to challenge the deportation order.

The female high court judge threw out the application in court on Friday when the government indicated that the U.S-identified suspected terrorist was being thrown out of the country on national security concerns.

“A judge will be hard-pressed to ask the Minister of National Security to give details of the security concerns of the State. And so on those grounds the minister will hardly be blocked by a court from deporting anyone who becomes a matter of national security considerations”, he said.

Ehsan who was being held in a safe house in the country under 24-hour security around him was expected to be deported over the weekend to Pakistan.

A Canadian-based blogger who broke the news of the arrest of the Pakistani in Grenada described him as “a known associate of a sanctioned terrorist organisation”.

The blogger wrote: “It is believed that the group’s scheme is to obtain passports from East Caribbean states, under aliases, and obtain visas to enter the US & Canada, with those “clean” identities and EC passports, to commit terrorist acts”.

“The scheme involved securing local East Caribbean girls to marry terrorist agents from the Middle East, thereafter obtaining Grenadian citizenship. Ehsan married a local for this purpose. It is believed that a substantial payment may have been involved.

“This case comes at a time when many in the East Caribbean states have expressed alarm about possible Middle Eastern terrorists purchasing CBI passports, as part of their expanding global operations planned against civilian targets.

“Considering that the United States is known to be one of the primary targets of these groups, denying them CBI passports is a priority that all of the jurisdictions in the regions should recognise, using Enhanced Due Diligence to weed out their agents, associates and members.

“We trust that the authorities in Grenada will effectively shut down this illicit scheme, as it poses a direct national security threat to the US and Canada; terrorist infiltration represents a clear and present danger.

Last year, it was discovered that the Mitchell government had granted a Pakistani national in London a diplomatic passport although the individual is not known to be doing any diplomatic work for the Grenada government.

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