‘Pump It Up’ recognises senior support

April 22 provided tangible proof that Co-op bank’s annual Pump It Up event, the nation’s premier health walk, continues to enjoy the support of the population across the entire age spectrum.

‘Pump It Up’ recognises senior support

For its 10th Anniversary event the bank made special acknowledgement of this fact by awarding the 10 youngest and the 10 most senior registrants at the event.

72 year old, Lauren Grey, MBE, administrative assistant at St Augustine’s Medical Services (SAMS) was among the 10 most senior walkers registered and was delighted to receive a specially packaged basket of goodies.

On receiving them, she expressed her pleasure stating: “I have no qualms about sharing my age and I’m thrilled at the bank’s gesture.

In my capacity at SAMS I know just how important the health aspects, brought to the fore by initiatives such as the walk, are. I do my best to participate each year and am truly thankful that my health permits this”.

“My encouragement to other older persons is to take opportunities, such as this one, to stay active. At our age, continuous efforts to keep mobile are of major importance in maintaining good health. My congratulations to the bank on another well organised and amazingly well supported event”, she remarked.

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