PM Mitchell concerned over police officer charges

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has said that he is very concerned about the increasing number of police officers who have been charged with crimes.

Information confirmed by the police shows that during the first quarter of 2018, several officers were charged for offences – including crimes related to drug and sex.

The latest incident involves a Sergeant of Police who was interviewed by members of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) for a sexually-related incident involving a school girl.

“The matter has since been submitted to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice and directives,” said a release from the Community Relations Department of the Police Force.

Addressing the matter in his first news conference since returning to office following the March 13 general elections, Prime Minister Mitchell who is also the nation’s Minister for National Security said that Acting Commissioner of Police Winston James is also concerned about the number of officers who have had to be criminally charged.

“I am very concerned, and I think each of us should be concerned because these officers come from our own society,” he said.

“The persons affected are our own children and grandchildren, so each of us must be very concerned.

The Prime Minister noted that police officers are “supposed to be upholding the laws of the land, and if they are the ones breaking it, that is troubling”.

Dr. Mitchell admitted that sexual and criminal activities are prevalent in every society in the region but said it is troubling when it occurs in Grenada.

“It’s quite frightening. It is something that all us should find very difficult, and I know the Commissioner is very concerned.

“You are talking about the destruction of our society and our children must be protected.

“We have a fundament responsibility to recognise that we all have to protect the generations that we have brought here. We cannot be participating in destroying the same generation that we bring.

Corporal of Police, Lennard Benjamin is currently serving 15 years at the Richmond Hill prison for sexually molesting his school girl daughter at their home in River Road, St. George’s.

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