Over $1 million of medical supplies donated to Ministry of Health

The largest donation ever made to the Ministry of Education took place on Monday as officials received over $1 million worth of medical supplies from the SGU Student Group, Global Surgery.

A look at some of the supplies donated

The handover was made to the Ministry at the Grenada National Stadium in the presence of SGU officials and members of the Student Group.

Vice Provost for Institutional Advancement at St. George’s University (SGU), Brendon La Grenade said, the brain child behind the donation, Josh Carlson was committed to providing medical assistance to Grenada.

“We had a discussion, it was entertained but being such a lofty vision, I could have only tell him concentrate on getting it done but his main purpose for being here was his medical education,” he said.

La Grenade pointed out that the work of the group is an indication of what SGU means to Grenada and what Grenada means to the U.S-owned medical school.

“Today we mark that milestone of the hard work of students of SGU, that we thank today and continue to thank because another step in the vision of all the students is that one, they will give back and two when they are qualified they do what we have thousands of our graduate already tied into, which is being apart of returning to Grenada, to give health care to raise the standard of health care, education and life in Grenada,” he said.

In response, Carlson said the group has been working with Project C.U.R.E, the largest provider of donated medical supplies and equipment to developing countries around the world, to make the donation a reality.

“We had had this vision to give back to the country of Grenada because a country that is so beautiful with people who are so incredible; they’re so loving, they’re so open to allow us to come in and you know I feel Grenadian by Birth because they welcomed me into this amazing country and helped me achieve my dreams…”, he told the ceremony.

“I said you know what we need to do … we need to give back in whatever our capacity is to help the people of Grenada. We’re talking about people’s lives, we want to give back to people who are struggling, who are suffering who have medical diseases and things like that. What can we give that’s going to tangibly relate to good health outcomes, how could we help propel in any way the Ministry of Health and the Government of Grenada to get where they need to go and what can we do to support them in that even if it’s just a little bit”, he said.

Vice Provost for Educational Services at SGU, Glen Jacobs said it is always good to give.

SGU Officials, Ministry of Health personnel and SGU student group at handing over ceremony

He went on: “I think this is why we all wanna be in Grenada because it is such a nice collaboration that we have here amongst the University, amongst the government, the community, in our health sector. We all work together and I think this is proof of this kind of collaboration but we would never have been able to do this without the kind of leadership, without the enthusiasm and the commitment of these students around us…

“I know Josh for many years and he is a pretty dynamic young man and I think today is proof of what he can, what he can deliver; not only to Grenada but to our university St. George’s. What makes it so special, people in life take a lot, that happens but when you give back, it’s so much nicer and we all appreciate you guys giving back,” he said.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Pauline Peters, who accepted the donation on behalf of the Ministry of Education, assured the student group that the supplies will be put to good use.

“This donation is one that we truly appreciate. We all know the challenges that we face in the health sector as it relates to human resources, equipment, financial and otherwise and to have a group of students from the university who saw it fit to give back and not just give back in a manner that they just saw fit but actually go into the hospital, survey our needs and give based on what they saw – what were our needs…”, she said.

“We know that the hospital will benefit greatly from this gift and what you’re seeing here is certainly not all…it was a forty foot container and we still have some things to clear from the port,” she added.

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