Did Tobias Clement lose job at SGU?

Recently elected Member of Parliament for St. George North-east, Tobias Clement has refused to comment on reports that he was sacked from his US$5000.00 a month job at St. George’s University (SGU) in the aftermath of the March 13 elections.

Tobias Clement – not willing to speak on his SGU job status

Clement who is originally from the sister isle of Carriacou was contacted Tuesday afternoon by THE NEW TODAY about his SGU job in the wake of widespread allegations that he was no longer on the payroll of the university.

He did not confirm nor deny the allegation and when asked if there was any truth about him losing his job, the MP responded: “Do I have to clarify anything to you?”

He was then asked to respond to the specific question posed to him and Clement uttered the following words: “I would not give you anything.”

The NNP Parliamentarian was then asked if there was any particular reason why he would not respond to the queries from THE NEW TODAY and he said: “I don’t have to justify that to you.”

There are unconfirmed reports that prior to the election, Clement took no pay leave from his SGU job in order to concentrate on the political work in order to retain the constituency from the challenge of Congress leader, Nazim Burke who he defeated 5 years earlier.

Clement was considered in the 2013-18 period as one of the highest paid MP’s in the country earning close to EC$20, 000.00 a month from two sources – an estimated $EC13, 584.00 from SGU and an additional $EC7, 000.00 as a paid Parliamentarian.

Prior to the March 13 election, the NNP Parliamentarian came in for heavy criticisms in some quarters after an interview he conducted with one of the nation’s media houses in which he sought to explain his reasons for refusing to take up a ministerial position after the 2013 General Election.

With a grin on his face, Clement was heard saying that he could not justify to his family his reasons for leaving his job at SGU to take up a position that was only paying $5000 a month.

Prime Minister Mitchell once again did not include Clement in his list of new ministers named to serve in government following the poll which was held six weeks ago.

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